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  Mission Updates :: Mar 7 - Flight Day 7 (EVA 4)

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Goddard Space Flight Center
The Hubble Space Telescope Project
Hubble Status Report

Hubble's power returnsWed | Mar. 7, 2002 - 5:30 pm EST
The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), the brand-new science instrument installed during EVA4, has now fully passed its Aliveness and Functional Tests.

Both the Wide-Field Camera (WFC) and the High Resolution Camera (HRC) have been shown to have excellent (very low) read noise, very well-performing amplifiers, and properly functioning shutters, filter wheels, and calibration doors. The Thermal Electric Coolers (TEC's) easily cooled the detectors to -67C, using only a fraction of their available power. Cooling to operational levels of -74 to -80 C will be easily accomplished after deploy.

Four EVA's down, one more to go - this time for the Nicmos Cooling System and its associated radiators and Capillary Pump Loops, starting early tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Johnson Space Center
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Astronaut at axial bayThur | Mar. 7, 2002 - 11:46 am EST
Astronauts Jim Newman and Mike Massimino concluded a seven hour 30 minute spacewalk at 10:30 a.m. central time.

During the spacewalk, Newman and Massimino removed the last of Hubble's original instruments, the Faint Object Camera, replacing it with the Advanced Camera for Surveys. The Faint Object Camera is secure in Columbia's payload bay for a return trip to Earth.

Todays spacewalk was the fourth of the mission. The fifth and final scheduled spacewalk is slated to begin at 1:52 a.m. central time Friday.

Thur | Mar. 7, 2002 - 10:45 am EST
With the ACS securely in place the crewmembers continued working to install the Electronic Support Module (ESM) and the Cross Aft Shroud Harnness (CASH). The ESM contains elecronics to support the Nicmos Cryo Cooler (NCC) and the CASH connects the two.

The ESM passed its aliveness test. Installation of the NCC will take place during tomorrow's EVA.

Bringing the FOC backThur | Mar. 7, 2002 - 7:03 am EST
Columbia astronauts successfully installed the Advanced Camera for Surveys in the Hubble Space Telescope early Thursday. Spacewalkers Jim Newman and Mike Massimino slid the new, powerful instrument into the slot from which they had removed the Faint Object Camera earlier. ACS now awaits its alivesness test to see if its systems function properly.

The Faint Object Camera is the last instrument launched aboard the orbiting observatory to be replaced. CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMAGES...

Thur | Mar. 7, 2002 - 6:13 am EST
The Faint Object Camera (FOC) was successfully removed about half an hour ago and now the ACS is being brought to the axial bay.

Thur | Mar. 7, 2002 - 5:02 am EST
Mike Massimino stepped inside Hubble after working open the latches to Hubble's axial bay on the starboard side. The axial bay houses the Faint Object Camera (FOC) which will be replaced by the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS).

Astronaut and lightsThur | Mar. 7, 2002 - 4:27 am EST
Columbia Astronauts Jim Newman and Mike Massimino began the fourth spacewalk of the STS-109 mission at 3 a.m. CST. They will install the new Advanced Camera for Surveys in the Hubble Space Telescope.

The new instrument replaces the Faint Object Camera, the last of Hubble's original instruments.

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