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Friday | Dec. 14, 2001
Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) will receive a final inspection, and then be reinstalled in its shipping container for transport to Kennedy.

The Nicmos Cooling System (NCS) Servicing Mission Ground Test (SMGT) was successfully completed and preparations have begun for shipping the NCS to Kennedy.

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) 01.12 was completed at JSC, for nominal SM3B crew training. The last two runs were for nominal EVA Days 1 and 4, and for Bays 5 and 6 New Outer Blanket Layers (NOBLs).

Crew Familiarization (Fam)/Verification and crew training for the Solar Array 2 (SA2) connector strap and the new contingency safe-to-land straps will be conducted.

Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle: Columbia/OV-102
Shuttle & Payload Processing Status Report

Monday | Dec. 17, 2001
Work recently completed includes hydraulic operations, installation and checkout of the radar altimeter and verification testing on Auxiliary Power Unit No 3. The payload doors will be closed this evening in preparation for the Christmas holidays.

Thursday | Dec. 13, 2001
Shuttle Columbia is undergoing pre-launch preparations in the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) Subsystem checkouts continue, along with Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) leak and functional tests and potable water servicing.

The KU-band antenna has been successfully deployed and work is in progress to change out and retest APU unit No 3.


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