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  Mission Updates :: Mid January

Mission Updates
Mission Chronicles
Where Is Hubble Now?
Read how the mission unfolds week by week, day by day,
as the date of the shuttle launch approaches.

The Hubble Project
Excerpts from Kennedy Report

Friday | Jan. 18, 2002
The NICMOS Cryogenic Cooler for Hubble arrived at KSC yesterday. The Reaction Wheel Assembly is scheduled to be delivered to KSC in eary February.

Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle: Columbia/OV-102
Shuttle & Payload Processing Status Report

Shuttle transferred to VABThursday | Jan. 17, 2002
Shuttle Columbia rolled over from its Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) bay to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) yesterday afternoon. The Orbiter will be mated to the External Tank (ET)/Solid Rocket Booster stack in the VAB high bay today. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THE VAB...

The monoball interface assembly will be connected between the Orbiter and the ET this weekend. The space vehicle will be powered up for the Shuttle interface test on Monday. Rollout to the launch pad is scheduled for next week.

Monday | Jan. 14, 2002
Final preparations are underway for the rollover of Shuttle Columbia from its Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) bay to the Vehicle Assembly Building for space vehicle mate on Wednesday.

Aft closeouts were completed over the weekend and forward closeouts are being worked. The Orbiter will be jacked down for weight and balance and center of gravity checks tomorrow.


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