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Countdown & Launch Info

Countdown & Launch Info
The Shuttle Columbia
KSC Launch Site Tour
 Mission Elapsed Time:

Launch Date: Mar 1, 2002
Launch Time: 6:22 am EST
Launch Pad: KSC 39A
Mission Duration: 11 days

Landing Date: Mar 12, 2002
Landing Time: 4:32 am EST
Landing Site: KSC

Orbiter: Columbia (OV-102)
Servicing Mission Number: SM3B
Shuttle Mission Number: STS-109
Columbia flight No. 27

Inclination/Altitude: 28.5 degrees / 308 nautical miles

Crew Members: (click here for more info on the crew)
Mission Commander: Scott Altman
Mission Pilot: Duane Carey
Payload Commander / MS 1: John Grunsfeld
Mission Specialist 2: Nancy Currie
Mission Specialist 3: Richard Linnehan
Mission Specialist 4: James Newman
Mission Specialist 5: Michael Massimino

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Countdown Milestones:

Launch Day T-3
   Initiate final countdown at T-43 hour mark

Launch Day T-2
   Load fuel cell cryogenic propellants

Launch Day T-1
   Move Rotating Service Structure (RSS) to park position.
   External Tank cryogenic propellant loading

Launch Day (Friday, Mar. 1)
   Astronauts depart crew quarters (3:04 a.m.)
   Crew ingress (about 3:34 a.m.)
   Hatch closure (about 4:48 a.m.)
   Lift-off (6:48 a.m.)

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Into the Night ::
The Space Shuttle Columbia roars into the night sky on its last mission STS-93 in 1999. It has been selected to carry the SM3B payload for STS-109.
Kicking up a Cloud ::
The exhaust from a shuttle plumes outward during a launch.
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