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  Mission Updates :: Early November

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Friday | Nov. 9, 2001
Space Support Equipment (SSE) mechanical integration activities continued. The Second Axial Carrier (SAC) has been reworking some of the Crew Aids and Tools (CATs) stowage hardware by adding conductive velcro straps and replacing inserts.

A partial delivery of CATs was received and inspected at KSC. Those items that are stowed on the RAC have been integrated.

ACS returned safely to Ball last week where it passed its post-ship functional test. The instrument has been installed in the Refractive Aberrated Simulator/Hubble Opto-Mechanics Simulator (RASHOMS) where the final alignment testing is underway.

The HST Servicing Mission 3B Joint Integrated Simulation #2 began. The 35 hour simulation covers the planned changeout of the solar array wings during Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) day 1 and EVA day 2.

Friday | Nov. 2, 2001
The stabilization period for Hangar AE has begun in support of HST Servicing Mission (SM) 3B payload processing at KSC. This starts the 30-day certification period prior to Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) arrival.

The Flight Support System (FSS) and the FSS Ground Support Equipment (GSE) has arrived at KSC following successful completion of the FSS thermal vacuum (TV) testing.

During the past week, the RAC, SAC and MULE were protected with Llumilloy drapes due to KSC entering HURCON IV. Hurricane Michelle did not affect KSC and no further precautions were required.

The first 3 days of Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) 01.11 were conducted for SM3B crew training and for SM4 engineering development.

Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle: Columbia/OV-102
Shuttle & Payload Processing Status Report

Friday | Nov. 9, 2001
Columbia is in the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) undergoing preparations for the Hubble Space Telescope Servicing mission next February. Work is in progress to install the Shuttle's main engines and service the potable water supply.

Monday | Nov. 5, 2001
SCAPE operations were conducted over the weekend checking out the Auxiliary Power Units. Orbiter Columbia's main engines will be installed this week.


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