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Friday | Oct. 19, 2001
The Rigid Array Carrier (RAC) and Solar Array 3, Second Axial Carrier (SAC), and Multi-Use Lightweight Equipment (MULE) carrier were shipped to KSC.

Four trucks have been received at the Vertical Processing Facility (VPF) containing HST hardware and Ground Support Equipment (GSE). Cleaning and configuring of the GSE to support truck arrivals continues.

Friday | Oct. 12, 2001
The first SM3B Joint Integrated Simulation (JIS #1) was successfully completed. The simulation emulated the rendezvous, capture and solar array retraction sequences planned for flight day 3. The HST team performed extremely well during the sim.

The Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) Standard Interface Panel (SIP) inspection was performed by HST. The inspection was completed with USA and Boeing oversight. No anomalies were noted.

The FSS was moved back to the Spacecraft Systems Development and Integration Facility (SSDIF). Vibration testing (2-axes) was successfully completed.

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) 01.10 started at JSC for crew training and will continue. The first two runs were for non-Remote Manipulator System (RMS) and nominal training for SA changeouts.

Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle: Columbia/OV-102
Shuttle & Payload Processing Status Report

Monday | Oct. 19, 2001
Auxiliary power unit exhaust duct leak checks are complete, along with testing of Columbia's Ku band system. Testing of the orbiter's waste containment system are ongoing. Auxiliary power unit strut inspections are in work and orbital maneuvering system electrical verifications continue.

Monday | Oct. 15, 2001
Technicians completed alignment work on the heads-up display (HUD) located on the commander's side of Columbia's cockpit. Workers will complete the same work on the pilot's HUD. Auxiliary power unit leak checks are in work this week, along with orbiter maneuvering system electrical verifications.


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