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 Mar 7 - Flight Day 7 (EVA4) :: Installing the Electronic Support Module
Once ACS was secured into place, the Astronauts proceeded to install the Electronic Support Module (ESM). The ESM is designed to work with the NICMOS Cryo-Cooler (NCC) to bring the NICMOS camera back to life. Other small tasks were also accomplished.
 Mar 7 - Flight Day 7 (EVA4) :: Installing ACS
Astronauts Jim Newman and Mike Massimino installed the new Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) in the Hubble Space Telescope. This marked perhaps the most significant scientific upgrade of Hubble's life. The astronauts stepped inside Hubble through the starboard side of the axial bay. Here they removed the Faint Object Camera (FOC) to make room for ACS. Images roughly in chronological order.
 Mar 7 - Flight Day 7 (EVA4) :: Farewell FOC
The Faint Object Camera (FOC) was the last of Hubble's original instruments. The spacewalkers removed the instrument from the axial bay and gently placed it into the second axial carrier in Columbia's bay.
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