V455 And
V515 And
AE Aqr
FO Aqr
V349 Aqr
XY Ari
V405 Aur
V647 Aur
HT Cam
MU Cam
DW Cnc
V709 Cas
V1025 Cen
V1033 Cas
TV Col
TX Col
UU Col
V2069 Cyg
V2306 Cyg
DO Dra
PQ Gem
V418 Gem
DQ Her
V1323 Her
V1460 Her
V1674 Her
EX Hya
NY Lup
V2400 Oph
V2731 Oph
V3037 Oph
V598 Peg
GK Per
AO Psc
HZ Pup
V667 Pup
WX Pyx
V1223 Sgr
V4743 Sgr
CC Scl
V1062 Tau
AX J1740.1
AX J1832.3
AX J1853.3
CTCV J2056
CXO J174954
IGR J04571
IGR J08390
IGR J15094
IGR J16500
IGR J16547
IGR J17014
IGR J17195
IGR J18151
IGR J18173
IGR J18308
IGR J19267
PBC J0927.8
PBC J1841.1
RX J1804
RX J2015
RX J2113
RX J2133
RX J2306
Swift J0717
Swift J1839
Swift J2006
Swift J2138

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IPs Sorted by X-ray Fluxes

The table below lists 68 of the 71 confirmed/ironclad IPs from the 2021 version of the IP catalog in the order of their X-ray fluxes (in the unit of 10-12 ergs cm-2s-1), taken from XMM or Swift XRT catalogs. While this makes the data heterogeneous, my hope is that the extra scatter introduced by this is not significant compared to those due to spectral complexity (these catalogs generally rely on simple spectral models) and to source variability.

Only confirmed or ironclad IP without X-ray fluxes are V1674 Her (at least not during the accretion powered phase; there are X-ray detections during the 2021 nova eruption, though not in catalogs), LAMOST J024048.51+195226.9, and PBC J1841.1+0138.

X-ray rankIP X-ray flux Dist. rank G mag rank Hard X-ray rank
1EX Hya 168.014t17
2V1223 Sgr 90.01731
3TV Col 60.01586
4DO Dra 52.0422t26t
5V2400 Oph 50.0239t9
6AO Psc 47.0134t13
7NY Lup 41.041122
8IGR J17195-4100 40.02122t10
9V709 Cas 39.024133
10EI UMa 36.03616t15
11GK Per 32.01225
12FO Aqr 29.0166t8
13PQ Gem 28.0259t12
141RXS J213344.1+510725 27.04220t7
15tV1062 Tau 26.0393518t
15tV515 And 26.02916t23t
17tV2731 Oph 24.053314
17tBG CMi 24.0271920t
18tV405 Aur 23.0226t11
18tV1025 Cen 23.055039
21IGR J16547-1916 19.03124t18t
22tTX Col 18.02826t36t
22tDW Cnc 18.0624t; 
24IGR J15094-6649 17.034t1520t
25CC Scl 16.0738t 
26V2306 Cyg 15.0403032t
27tV667 Pup 14.0501116
27tXY Ari 14.0  14
27tAE Aqr 14.031 
30IGR J16500-3307 13.034t3222
31tIGR J18173-2509 11.06543t31
31tIGR J04571+4527 11.04448t23t
31tMU Cam 11.03016t29t
341RXS J211336.1+542226 10.02057t41
35V2069 Cyg 9.33726t26t
36IGR J19267+1325 9.13360t 
37IGR J17014-4306 9.03226t38
38AX J1832.3-0840 8.34367t23t
39IGR J08390-4833 8.24843t29t
40V647 Aur 8.05433t35
41V1033 Cas 7.94636t32t
42IGR J18308-1232 7.85553t28
431RXS J180431.1-273932 7.76748t 
44AX J1853.3-0128 6.3851t 
45tV418 Gem 5.66243t42
45tAX J1740.1-2847 5.65265 
45tPBC J0927.8-6945 5.63826t40
45tHT Cam 5.61136t 
49V3037 Oph 5.14962 
501RXS J230645.0+550816 4.85738t 
51Swift J0717.8-2156 4.25957t43
52Swift J2006.4+3645 4.0645632t
53Swift J2138.8+5544 3.96157t 
54RX J2015.6+3711 3.74553t 
55WX Pyx 3.34738t 
56IGR J18151-1052 3.1 7036t
57UU Col 2.85853t 
58HZ Pup 2.46038t 
59CTCV J2056-3014 2.3943t 
60tSwift J183920.1-045350 2.05663 
60tV1323 Her 2.05151t 
62V4743 Sgr 1.86647 
63CXOGBS J174954.5-294335 1.3 66 
64V598 Peg 1.11964 
65V349 Aqr 0.836360t 
66V1460 Her 0.21020t 
67DQ Her 0.121414 
68V455 And 0.08233t 

Last updated on 2022 March 7, to correct the X-ray flux of V1025 Cen (a factor of 10 typo), which affects its ranking by a lot, and ranking of a whole bunch of systems by 1.

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