V455 And
V515 And
AE Aqr
FO Aqr
V349 Aqr
XY Ari
V405 Aur
V647 Aur
HT Cam
MU Cam
DW Cnc
V709 Cas
V1025 Cen
V1033 Cas
TV Col
TX Col
UU Col
V2069 Cyg
V2306 Cyg
DO Dra
PQ Gem
V418 Gem
DQ Her
V1323 Her
V1460 Her
V1674 Her
EX Hya
NY Lup
V2400 Oph
V2731 Oph
V3037 Oph
V598 Peg
GK Per
AO Psc
HZ Pup
V667 Pup
WX Pyx
V1223 Sgr
V4743 Sgr
CC Scl
V1062 Tau
AX J1740.1
AX J1832.3
AX J1853.3
CTCV J2056
CXO J174954
IGR J04571
IGR J08390
IGR J15094
IGR J16500
IGR J16547
IGR J17014
IGR J17195
IGR J18151
IGR J18173
IGR J18308
IGR J19267
PBC J0927.8
PBC J1841.1
RX J1804
RX J2015
RX J2113
RX J2133
RX J2306
Swift J0717
Swift J1839
Swift J2006
Swift J2138

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IPs by Orbit/Spin Ratio

The orbital period (Porb) to spin period (Pspin) ratio is an important diagnostic of the accretion mode. Therefore, the table below lists 64 of the 71 confirmed/ironclad IPs from IP catalog 2021 in decreasing order of Porb/Pspin. The other 7 (IGR J04571+4527, WX Pyx, IGR J08390-4833, AX J1740.1-2847, IGR J18151-1052, AX J1832.3-0840, and Swift J183920.1-045350) are not included as their orbital periods are not known with any certainty.

Note that there may still be a few additional cases where the adopted ratio is wrong. This may be because the adopted orbital period is an aliase (e.g., IGR J18308-1232 and IGR J18173-2509) or because the adopted spin period is actually the 1st harmonic (DQ Her).

 Star Porb/Pspin Porb
1AE Aqr 1075.28879.879734633.07673996Propeller
2LAMOST J024048.51+195226.9 1059.297.336424.9328Propeller
3GK Per 491.07347.9249351.332Outburst
4V1460 Her 461.99774.988453538.87126 
5V2731 Oph 433.71615.421127.9999Polarized
6Swift J2006.4+3645 360.317.2842172.7 
7CTCV J2056-3014 3221.7629.6LLIP
8DQ Her 235.40014.64690271.065583Eclipsing
9XY Ari 105.83136.06471936206.3Eclipsing, Outburst
10V455 And 71.94821.35142167.619685LLIP
11CXOGBS J174954.5-294335 61.5758.60890503.32Eclipsing
12PBC J1841.1+0138 61.49015.325811311.805 
13V709 Cas 61.38005.3328984312.78 
14NY Lup 51.39.87693.01 
151RXS J213344.1+510725 45.30377.13834570.8189Polarized
16V667 Pup 39.425.611512.42 
171RXS J180431.1-273932 36.374.99493.97 
18V2069 Cyg 36.22437.48039743.4065 
19V3037 Oph 33.15.722623 
20V418 Gem 32.72374.36925480.670036 
21EI UMa 31.246.434741.6 
22V349 Aqr 29.813.23390.15 
23V405 Aur 27.34384.143012545.4555Polarized
24DO Dra 26.9943.96898529.31Outburst
25V1674 Her 26.3623.6725501.51 
26IGR J15094-6649 26.155.88809.42 
27V1033 Cas 25.78334.033563.1163 
281RXS J230645.0+550816 25.33.26464.452 
29Swift J0717.8-2156 24.70945.515803.5 
30IGR J17014-4306 24.818212.81661859.11 
31IGR J16547-1916 24.463.715546.6606 
32IGR J16500-3307 22.773.617571.9 
33PQ Gem 22.42975.1926833.41992Polarized
34V515 And 21.12192.731087465.48493 
35V4743 Sgr 18.096.71761337 
36PBC J0927.8-6945 16.704.7901033.05 
37V1223 Sgr 16.253.365856745.6 
38Swift J2138.8+5544 16.114.426989.167 
39AO Psc 16.05513.591012805.2034 
40HZ Pup 15.15.091210.9 
41UU Col 14.43.45863.5 
42MU Cam 14.30824.71861187.2184 
43FO Aqr 13.91694.8494301254.4446 
44IGR J17195-4100 13.684.0061054 
45V647 Aur 13.37353.46565932.9123 
46IGR J19267+1325 13.283.449935.1 
47V2400 Oph 13.33.43927.66Diskless; Polarized
48CC Scl 12.9921.4056136389.49LLIP
49BG CMi 12.74463.2339650913.50660Polarized
501RXS J211336.1+542226 11.94.171265.6 
51AX J1853.3-0128 11.01.45476.0LLIP
52V2306 Cyg 10.72994.3714901466.67952 
53TX Col 10.735.6911909.5 
54IGR J18308-1232 10.65.3741820LLIP
55V1323 Her 10.42254.40211520.510"
56TV Col 10.345.4863981909.7"
57HT Cam 10.0171.43309515.0592LLIP; Outburst
58V1062 Tau 9.59.981193800 
59RX J2015.6+3711 6.38412.76117196 
60IGR J18173-2509 3.311.531663.4LLIP
51V1025 Cen 2.3651.4102146.59SP
62DW Cnc 2.23161.4350242315.027LLIP; Outburst
63V598 Peg 1.99531.38542499.6Eclipsing; LLIP; Outburst
64EX Hya 1.46591.63761234021.6162Eclipsing; LLIP; Outburst

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