V455 And
V515 And
AE Aqr
FO Aqr
V349 Aqr
XY Ari
V405 Aur
V647 Aur
HT Cam
MU Cam
DW Cnc
V709 Cas
V1025 Cen
V1033 Cas
TV Col
TX Col
UU Col
V2069 Cyg
V2306 Cyg
DO Dra
PQ Gem
V418 Gem
DQ Her
V1323 Her
V1460 Her
V1674 Her
EX Hya
NY Lup
V2400 Oph
V2731 Oph
V3037 Oph
V598 Peg
GK Per
AO Psc
HZ Pup
V667 Pup
WX Pyx
V1223 Sgr
V4743 Sgr
CC Scl
V1062 Tau
AX J1740.1
AX J1832.3
AX J1853.3
CTCV J2056
CXO J174954
IGR J04571
IGR J08390
IGR J15094
IGR J16500
IGR J16547
IGR J17014
IGR J17195
IGR J18151
IGR J18173
IGR J18308
IGR J19267
PBC J0927.8
PBC J1841.1
RX J1804
RX J2015
RX J2113
RX J2133
RX J2306
Swift J0717
Swift J1839
Swift J2006
Swift J2138

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IPs Sorted by Gaia G Magnitudes

The table below lists 70 of the 71 confirmed/ironclad IPs from the 2021 version of the IP catalog in the order of their Gaia EDR3 G-band magnitudes.

Only confirmed or ironclad IP not listed here is XY Ari, which sits behind a molecular cloud.

G mag rankIP Gaia G mag Dist. rank Hard X-ray rank X-ray rank
1AE Aqr 10.93 27t
2GK Per 12.612511
3V1223 Sgr 13.01712
4tAO Psc 13.213136
4tEX Hya 13.21171
6tV405 Aur 13.9221119t
6tFO Aqr 13.916812
8TV Col 14.01563
9tPQ Gem 14.1251213
9tV2400 Oph 14.12395
11V667 Pup 14.2501627t
12NY Lup 14.34127
13V709 Cas 14.42439
14DQ Her 14.614 67
15IGR J15094-6649 14.734t20t24
16tEI UMa 14.8361510
16tMU Cam 14.83029t31t
16tV515 And 14.82923t15t
19BG CMi 14.92720t17t
20t1RXS J213344.1+510725 15.042714
20tV1460 Her 15.010 66
22tIGR J17195-4100 15.221108
22tDO Dra 15.2426t4
24tIGR J16547-1916 15.53118t21
24tDW Cnc 15.56 22t
26tPBC J0927.8-6945 15.6384045t
26tV2069 Cyg 15.63726t35
26tIGR J17014-4306 15.6323837
26tTX Col 15.62836t22t
30V2306 Cyg 15.74032t26
31V2731 Oph 15.853417t
32IGR J16500-3307 15.934t2230
33tV647 Aur 16.0543540
33tV455 And 16.02 68
35V1062 Tau 16.13918t15t
36tV1033 Cas 16.64632t41
36tHT Cam 16.611 45t
38tHZ Pup 16.860 58
38t1RXS J230645.0+550816 16.857 50
38tWX Pyx 16.847 55
38tLAMOST J024048.51+195226.9 16.818  
38tCC Scl 16.87 25
43tIGR J18173-2509 16.9653131t
43tV418 Gem 16.9624245t
43tIGR J08390-4833 16.94829t39
43tCTCV J2056-3014 16.99 59
47V4743 Sgr 17.066 62
48t1RXS J180431.1-273932 17.167 43
48tIGR J04571+4527 17.14423t31t
50V1025 Cen 17.253919t
51tV1323 Her 17.451 60t
51tAX J1853.3-0128 17.48 44
53tUU Col 17.658 57
53tIGR J18308-1232 17.6552842
53tRX J2015.6+3711 17.645 54
56Swift J2006.4+3645 17.86432t52
57tSwift J2138.8+5544 18.061 53
57tSwift J0717.8-2156 18.0594351
57t1RXS J211336.1+542226 18.0204134
60tV349 Aqr 18.363 65
60tIGR J19267+1325 18.333 36
62V3037 Oph 18.449 49
63Swift J183920.1-045350 18.556 60t
64V598 Peg 18.719 64
65AX J1740.1-2847 18.852 45t
66CXOGBS J174954.5-294335 19.0  63
67tAX J1832.3-0840 19.24323t38
67tPBC J1841.1+0138 19.22644 
69V1674 Her 19.9   
70IGR J18151-1052 20.0 36t56

Last modified on 2022 March 7, to correct the X-ray rankings (of V1025 Cen in particular).

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