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 Transport Images
Hubble's parts and equipment are transported all around the US and even the world from different facilities and centers - places like Goddard Space Flight Center, Kennedy and Ball Aerospace. The actual transportation is done by truck or by C5 carrier, a large military transport aircraft.

 Vertical Processing Facility (VPF) Part 1
When Hubble's parts arrive at Kennedy Space Center, most go to the VPF to be unpacked and prepared for storage on the space shuttle and their trip into space.

 Vertical Processing Facility (VPF) Part 2
After over a month in the VPF, Hubble's parts are put into a large containment canister. The canister is then wheeled back outside of the VPF and then stood up on end. This is the orientation which the payload will be put in the space shuttle which is also stood pointing upward at the launch pad. Images are roughly in chronological order.
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