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 Feb 25 - 26 :: Final Inspection and Close-out of Columbia's Bay
In the Payload Changeout Room (PCR), all of the Hubble payload has been positioned and secured in Columbia's bay in the vertical postion. The bay doors are closed and we await lift-off. There are four main carriers that can be seen in the bay. From bottom to top - the MULE, FSS, SAC, RAC. See if you can spot them. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.
 Feb 24 :: Close-up on the Launch Pad
The Hubble payload is undergoing its final stages of preparation in Columbia's bay. Columbia can only be seen peeking through the scaffolding of the Rotating Serivice Structure (RSS) while the rocket boosters remain in view
outside of the scaffolding.
 Feb 16 - 17 :: Hubble Payload Stowed onto Columbia
With the payload in the Payload Changeout Room (PCR), it is prepared to be tranferred into the orbiter Columbia's bay. This is done not by moving Columbia, but by moving the whole Rotating Servicing Structure (contains the PCR) to Columbia. Notice how Columbia can be seen at first, but when the RSS rotates over, it nearly hides Columbia completely from sight..
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