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  Still Images :: Mission - Day 9 :: Deploying Hubble

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 Mar 9 - Flight Day 9 :: Quality Images
Here are some higher quality images taken by a better still camera. More on the way. Note: high quality photos have a dark green border as opposed to black, they are among other picture sets as well.
 Mar 9 - Flight Day 9 :: Till next time Hubble
Released from Columbia, Hubble gives a reflective wink to the astronauts and the viewers at home, as it continues on with its mission.
 Mar 9 - Flight Day 9 :: Releasing Hubble
The Hubble Space Telescope was deployed at 4:04 a.m. CST Saturday. Mission Specialist Nancy Currie grappled Hubble with the Space Shuttle Columbia's robot arm, lifted it above the payload bay, and released it. Images roughly in chronological order.
 Mar 9 - Flight Day 9 :: The Crew
Currie at the controls releasing Hubble... later the crew waves for a television broadcast.
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