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 Mar 5 - Flight Day 5 (EVA2) :: "Get-Ahead" Tasks
With the major tasks completed and with time left over, Newman and Massimino proceeded to carry out "get-ahead" tasks. These tasks are not essential for the moment but will help in the long-run. They worked on an aft-shroud latch, and installed some New Outer Blanket Layers (NOBL's).
 Mar 5 - Flight Day 5 (EVA2) :: Replacing the Reaction Wheel Assembly
Also during today's spacewalk the astronauts were scheduled to install a replacement Reaction Wheel Assembly (RWA), one of four such devices that point Hubble.
 Mar 5 - Flight Day 5 (EVA2) :: Replacing the Other Solar Array
Spacewalking astronauts Jim Newman and Mike Massimino removed the Hubble Space Telescope's port solar array early Tuesday. They replaced it with a smaller, more powerful solar array like the one installed on Hubble's Starboard on Monday. Roughly in chronological order.
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