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Welcome to the comprehensive interview library - all video and audio clips are collected here. Many are also placed throughout the site where the information is pertinent.
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Preston Burch :: Program Manager
Preston oversees all work on the Hubble Project and coordinates
activity between senior level management and NASA Headquarters.
384 kb 135 kb How big is the Hubble Project? (39 sec)
238 kb 100 kb The challenges of Servicing Mission 3B. (24 sec)
287 kb 117 kb Discussing the NICMOS instrument. (29 sec)
336 kb 144 kb Snowstorm affecting the Hubble team. (34 sec)
419 kb 171 kb How Hubble is like the Apollo Mission. (42 sec)
315 kb 135 kb The future of Hubble in the next several years. (32 sec)
419 kb 171 kb Hubble beyond 2010. (42 sec)
267 kb 117 kb Hubble's final destination. (27 sec)
264 kb 108 kb Bringing Hubble back to Earth. (27 sec)


Frank 'Cepi' Cepollina :: Project Manager for Developing & Servicing
Cepi supervises the servicing missions sent to Hubble - from building the hardware
and training the astronauts, to sitting in the control booth during the mission.
380 kb 153 kb We've only looked at .036% of the universe... (38 sec)
234 kb 91 kb ... .036% of the universe ... keeping Hubble finely tuned. (24 sec)
308 kb 126 kb The importance of being able to service Hubble. (34 sec)
526 kb 207 kb How the concept of "servicing" developed. (53 sec)
308 kb 117 kb EVA - Extra Vehicular Activity and Economic Value Added. (31 sec)
428 kb 171 kb What's it like working with the Hubble team?. (43 sec)


Kathryn Gaulke :: Astronaut Tools Manager
Kathryn is in charge of the team that designs the tools that
the astronauts use when they service the Hubble in orbit.
275 kb 117 kb What happens in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab? (28 sec)
368 kb 153 kb What is the toughest part of your job? (37 sec)
323 kb 135 kb How are tools tested? (33 sec)
183 kb 82 kb Advice for those who want to work at NASA. (19 sec)
604 kb 126 kb Demonstration of an automated ratchet. (13 sec)


Cliff Lanham :: Ground Operations Manager
Cliff handles the operations at the Kennedy launch site when
all of Hubble's hardware for the servicing mission arrives.
271 kb 108 kb Transporting hardware to Kennedy. (28 sec)
370 kb 153 kb Getting the hardware ready for the shuttle. (37 sec)
274 kb 108 kb Likening a payload carrier to a carseat. (28 sec)
256 kb 100 kb Discussing the Flight Support System (FSS) (26 sec)
247 kb 100 kb What is the hardest part of your job? (25 sec)
370 kb 153 kb Working long hours before launch. (37 sec)


David Leckrone :: Senior Project Scientist
David ensures that the science Hubble was meant to study is taken into account
when building instruments, servicing the telescope, and operating it on a daily basis.
292 kb 126 kb How are Hubble parts kept clean during shipping? (30 sec)
562 kb 224 kb ACS looking through gravitational lenses. (53 sec)
346 kb 135 kb Why are their missing squares in some Hubble images? (35 sec)
369 kb 153 kb One of David's favorite moments during the mission. (37 sec)
360 kb 144 kb Getting the first picture back post-upgrade from ACS. (36 sec)
332 kb 135 kb Discussing the Next Generation Space Telescope. (33 sec)
660 kb 269 kb Dark Energy - the laws of physics turned upside-down. (66 sec)
264 kb 108 kb Dark Energy & the expanding universe. (26 sec)


Kathy Mascetti :: Rigid Array Carrier (RAC) Manager
Kathy manages the development, integration, and testing of the RAC.
For SM3B, the RAC will house the new Solar Arrays and bring back the old.
341 kb 135 kb What is a carrier? What will the RAC do? (35 sec)
241 kb 100 kb Replacing the old solar arrays with the new in space. (25 sec)
266 kb 108 kb What is the most challenging part of your job? (27 sec)
384 kb 153 kb What is a typical day for your like? (39 sec)
320 kb 117 kb Demonstration the RAC model. (32 sec)


Rud Moe :: Hubble Servicing Mission Manager
Rud's main function is to coordinate activities between the Hubble Project at
Goddard and the Shuttle Project at Johnson before and during servicing missions.
375 kb 153 kb Who devises the EVA timeline? (38 sec)
255 kb 108 kb Discussing extra time in space for astronauts. (26 sec)
279 kb 117 kb The significance of Advanced Camera for Surveys. (28 sec)
575 kb 233 kb What are the priorities of the mission? (58 sec)
384 kb 153 kb How is the launch date chosen? (39 sec)
336 kb 135 kb Surprises during the mission. (34 sec)


Pam Sullivan :: Instrument Manager for ACS
Pam leads a team of over two hundred people in building,
testing, and integrating the Advanced Camera for Surveys.
341 kb 144 kb ACS making Hubble 10 times better. (35 sec)
369 kb 153 kb What will ACS be looking at? (37 sec)
594 kb 242 kb Discussing the three channels of ACS. (60 sec)
267 kb 117 kb How long has ACS been in the making? (27 sec)
372 kb 135 kb Where will you (Pam) be when ACS is installed? (38 sec)
379 kb 162 kb Discussing how she started working on the Hubble Project. (38 sec)


Russell Werneth :: Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Manager
Russell is responsible for the initial astronaut training for servicing missions
and the the tools they use during their spacewalks.
274 kb 117 kb When and how are astronauts chosen for the mission? (28 sec)
332 kb 144 kb Where are astronauts trained? (34 sec)
336 kb 144 kb How are the zero-gravity conditions of space simulated? (34 sec)
161 kb 108 kb Discussing the scheduling of a spacewalk session. (16 sec)
185 kb 82 kb How long are astronauts trained per time in space? (19 sec)
168 kb 73 kb How are astronauts chosen for specific tasks? (17 sec)
184 kb 82 kb What happens if something goes wrong during the mission? (19 sec)
414 kb 171 kb Good training and the success of missions. (42 sec)


Chris Wilkinson :: Hubble Operations Manager
Chris is involved in flying the Hubble Telescope 24/7. This entails monitoring it,
communicating with it, and orienting the telescope on its targets.
214 kb 91 kb Who controls Hubble's flight and direction? (22 sec)
476 kb 198 kb How is Hubble controlled? (48 sec)
321 kb 135 kb Deciding what to look at. (33 sec)
393 kb 162 kb Collecting light and images. (40 sec)
412 kb 171 kb How many people control Hubble? (42 sec)
323 kb 135 kb Powering down Hubble for PCU replacement. (33 sec)
337 kb 126 kb Training and simulations for mission control. (34 sec)
434 kb 180 kb Getting snowed in during the blizzard of 1999. (44 sec)
440 kb 180 kb Sense of accomplishment during and after the mission. (44 sec)


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