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Astrophysical Activity Revisited

  • By Sara Mitchell
  • October 31, 2012
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It’s Halloween, and the Blueshift team wants to keep you in the holiday spirit – but with an astronomical twist. We’re running a costume contest, we posted a gallery of spooky astronomy, and now we want to share a blast from the past! We made this video three years ago, to highlight the history of NASA Goddard’s Building 2 as it celebrated its 50th birthday. We spoke to some colleagues who had known the building since its humble beginnings, and we explored the labyrinth of corridors and storage areas. And, well… you’ll just have to see what happens! Turn off the lights for a spookier experience.

Video Transcript (Text, PDF)

Here’s a little update, three years later:
Everyone moved out of Building 2 soon after this video was made, and the demolition of the building concluded in mid-2012 It was a bit difficult for many employees to say goodbye to a building with such a rich scientific history, and a Building 2 memorial display is currently under construction in the lobby of the building that we moved into. We’ll fondly remember the old place, even the creepiest corners!

If you’re looking for any additional resources from this video, including a podcast version or links about Goddard history, you can check out the original entry. Happy Halloween!

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