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Blueshift ponders… what’s one misconception in astronomy that drives you crazy?

Blueshift has covered the bad science in movies. In today’s “Blueshift Ponders,” we asked several of our colleagues: What’s one misconception in astronomy drives you crazy? Here are are their answers! What are yours? Tell us yours either in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter! Korey Haynes: The “dark” … Continue Reading →

Blueshift Ponders - Exoplanet

Blueshift ponders… what would you like to find on an exoplanet?

We just recently blogged about some of the strange and wonderful planetary systems recently discovered. From Saturn-like rings, to miniature scale, to systems practically right out Star Wars, it seems that there are an indefinite number of possibilities out there. Our questions to you are this: Blueshift ponders: What kind … Continue Reading →

Blueshift ponders… how would you wake up the astronauts?

Blueshift ponders… how would you wake up the astronauts?

As you may or may not know, each “morning,” the astronauts aboard the shuttle are woken up with specially selected music. Sometimes they get the original band to play the tune, sometimes it’s a favorite song or a parody (during the last Hubble servicing mission, I have it on good … Continue Reading →

Blueshift ponders... where were you?

Blueshift ponders… where were you?

This Red Rover cartoon was recently posted on in honor of the astronauts that have lots their lives in the pursuit of space exploration, and we wanted to share it with our readers too. It’s a sad and thoughtful time of year for NASA, as we mark the anniversaries … Continue Reading →

Ponders: Black Holes

Blueshift ponders… black holes – fact or fiction?

If November can have Black Friday, we thought… what if December had Black Hole Friday? People have a lot of really interesting ideas about black holes. We can’t always blame them – black holes are quite mysterious and exciting objects, and scientists are curious to figure out all of their … Continue Reading →

Blueshift ponders… when does Hollywood get it right?

We’re avid readers of Dr. David Saltzberg’s blog, The Big Blog Theory.  As the science advisor for The Big Bang Theory, he blogs after each episode airs to give an in-depth explanation of the episode’s science.  Last week’s blog caught our eye because, well, it’s about the episode that must … Continue Reading →

Who's Your Favorite Scientist

Blueshift ponders…who’s your favorite fictional scientist?

If you recall this week’s link round-up, we linked to a very cool subway map of science. Sara printed out her own copy (it’s easier to follow if you can see the whole thing at once, instead of scrolling around on a screen), and this got us thinking of what … Continue Reading →

Blueshift ponders... what's next in space exploration?

Blueshift ponders… what’s next in space exploration?

This past weekend, I attended an unconference called SpaceUP DC, which drew together space enthusiasts from near and far to talk about the future of space exploration and advocacy. It’s an “unconference” because it’s not like a regular professional conference – it’s much more free-form, and attendees determine the structure, … Continue Reading →

Blueshift ponders... should Hubble go in a museum?

Blueshift ponders… should Hubble go in a museum?

We’re starting a new feature here at Blueshift, and we want you to talk back!  We’re going to bring up some hot topics that are related to the things we do here at the Astrophysics Science Division, offer our own opinions, and then ask for yours! Here is our first question: … Continue Reading →

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