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John Mather

A Conversation with John Mather

You might recall our recent interns from Germany, Daniela and Verena, who guest blogged for us a few times. They did some interviews with people working on the James Webb Space Telescope while they were here and we thought we would share this one with Nobel Laureate and James Webb … Continue Reading →

Podcast: Spontaneous Complexity

  • By Jasmin Evans
  • October 6, 2015
  • Comments Off on Podcast: Spontaneous Complexity

Click to listen! (17.9MB MP3, right-click to save) Transcript (Text, PDF) Jasmin Evans is an undergrad in astronomy and physics at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. She shadowed us for the week and while she was here, she interviewed Dr. John Mather for our podcast. We let … Continue Reading →

How do you get to Stockholm?

Nobel Laureate, and James Webb Space Telescope project scientist, John Mather gave an interesting talk (to a packed room) at NASA Goddard recently. It focused on where he grew up and how he got to where he is today. Did you know, for example, that a failed thesis project led … Continue Reading →

Awesomeness Round-up

Awesomeness Round-up – 6/7/10

We’re starting a new weekly feature wherein we round up the cool things floating around the internet that we thought might be interesting to you, our tech- and NASA-savvy audience. We’re planning on running this feature on Mondays, recapping all of the awesome things we saw… last week. The World … Continue Reading →

Podcast: And the Award Goes to…

Podcast: And the Award Goes to…

Click to listen! (6.3MB MP3, right-click to save) Transcript (Text, PDF) For scientists, winning the Nobel Prize is a lot like winning an Oscar. Winning one comes with prestige and recognition, both from inside and outside of the science community. There are many other prizes and awards in science that … Continue Reading →

Podcast: Making Data Beautiful

To kick off our special summer series about data, we interviewed 2006 Nobel Laureate John Mather about the importance of imagery in communicating science and sharing data with the public.  More than just “pretty pictures,” data can be used to tell a story and explain the mysteries of the cosmos. … Continue Reading →

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