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Podcast: Spontaneous Complexity

  • By Jasmin Evans
  • October 6, 2015
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Click to listen! (17.9MB MP3, right-click to save) Transcript (Text, PDF) Jasmin Evans is an undergrad in astronomy and physics at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. She shadowed us for the week and while she was here, she interviewed Dr. John Mather for our podcast. We let … Continue Reading →

Imagine the Universe Covers

Imagine the Universe

So the big news – that I’ll go ahead and put up front – is that the Imagine the Universe! site just got a big update! Go check it out! It’s ok, I’ll wait right here while you do. It’ll even open in a different tab/window! In a nutshell, … Continue Reading →

Optimus Prime Spinoff Challenge

“Transforming” STEM Education

We’ve posted in the past about the Real World/In World Engineering Design Challenge. The James Webb Space Telescope has been a foundational partner since the challenge’s start in 2010. This year, RWIW merges with the NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Challenge to add an InWorld component to this video challenge. If … Continue Reading →

Next Gen Engineers and Scientists Study a Next Gen Telescope

  • By Maggie Masetti
  • June 10, 2013
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Another school year has come and gone – as has another RealWorld/InWorld (RWIW) Engineering Design Challenge, this year sponsored by the James Webb Space Telescope. I last wrote about this awesome student program in November – and since then we’ve had InWorld Q&A’s with James Webb Space Telescope project members, … Continue Reading →

Real World In World

Virtual Worlds for Learning Real World Engineering

This is the James Webb Space Telescope’s second year participating with the RealWorld/InWorld Engineering Design challenge. We interviewed the teacher behind the program, Sharon Bowers, last year, so we thought we’d do a little follow-up. Here are last year’s winners and participants talking about their experience: Real World In World … Continue Reading →

Cosmic Distance Scale

Try It At Home: Cosmic Distance Scale

Have you ever wondering why we aren’t visiting the nearest stars? Or why there are no photos of our galaxy from the outside? The short answer is that the Universe is really big. So big that even the things closest to us are really far away. Here is a little … Continue Reading →

Solving Real World Problems Virtually!

Solving Real World Problems Virtually!

Those of us who work on education and outreach for the James Webb Space Telescope have wanted to do an engineering design challenge for a long time. The chance finally presented itself in the form of a teacher from Virginia – and a project where students get to solve real … Continue Reading →

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