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Podcast: And the Award Goes to…

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For scientists, winning the Nobel Prize is a lot like winning an Oscar. Winning one comes with prestige and recognition, both from inside and outside of the science community. There are many other prizes and awards in science that are very prestigious, but you may never have heard of them. Science should be awarded and valued – after all, there is a great deal of groundbreaking science that will never win a Nobel Prize, but is still extremely important in the effort to understand the workings of the Universe. (In the same way, movies can’t get made without the folks they give the technical Oscars to in the non-televised ceremony!)

To celebrate the start of “award season”, we have a special presentation for you – the First Annual Blueshift Awards show, complete with Red Carpet and a Very Special Interview.

The Blueshift Awards Show

If you’d like to nominate us for a Podcast Award, the nominations are due in by October 18th. We’d be honored if you’d go to their site and mention us in the Science Category and/or one of the top two awards.

Find out more about some of the various astronomy awards and prizes:

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