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Color Your Own Worlds

Though we just missed National Coloring Book Day, we wanted to bring this cool educational product to your attention. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission just put out an exoplanet coloring book, aimed at kids ages 5-10. (But of course, we won’t tell anyone if you want to color it yourself!)

You can download the PDF here to print out:

TESS launches in 2017 and as its full name suggests, it will be a survey mission to find exoplanet candidates. How it will do that is to look for the faint dip in starlight that happens when a planet passes in front of its parent star. The candidate planets that it will find will be perfect for the James Webb Space Telescope (launching in 2018) to take a closer look at, in order to do analyses of their atmospheres.

TESS coloring book

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