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Calling all armchair crime-solvers!

  • By Sara Mitchell
  • March 9, 2016
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space forensics opening screen

Stars exploding? Who would do such a thing?

Join bumbling detective Eagle Quark on his 8-bit adventures at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in our new Space Forensics game! Eagle is somewhat clueless in his hunt for suspects behind the mysterious deaths of stars in the night sky… and he could definitely use your help getting onto the right track. The game is loaded with intrigue, surprises (click on everything!), and SCIENCE!!!!!

screenshot from one of the scenes of the game

This game is part of our Space Forensics project, which approaches astrophysical events as mysteries to be investigated. Did an exploded star die of natural causes… or was it murdered? (Cue dramatic music!)

Our team partnered with writers, educators, artists, programmers, and even an astrophysicist-turned-forensic scientist to develop all of the elements of Space Forensics. It takes a lot of people to tell the story of science!

We worked closely with the staff at Automata Studios (partnered with Mess) to write and design the game, and it reflects the science of stars, a fictional (but occasionally realistic) look at what it’s like to work at NASA Goddard, and our teams’ shared love of geeky pop culture references. From mobile and web, to interactive installations, Automata Studios combines creativity and technology to solve their client’s challenges.

We hope you enjoy playing! Click here or on either of the images above to check it out! And tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

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