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Coma Niddy Brings Us New Sci Tunes

Our friend, science rapper Coma Niddy, recently released a rap about dark energy, and we thought we would share it with you. Dark energy is one of the big mysteries in current astrophysics. We know it affects the universe’s expansion and we know that 68% of the universe is made up of it – but we know little else. There are many theories and proposed explanations for what dark energy is (you can read more on – and maybe some day we’ll have more answers from missions like the James Webb Space Telescope (pdf) and WFIRST.

Here’s Coma Niddy to tell you more:

If you recall, Coma Niddy and PBS Digital Studios came out to NASA Goddard for a visit to shoot a video on black holes.

Here’s the finished product:

He’s got a short follow-up as well that tackles the latest in black hole science:

Coma Niddy visits Goddard!
3… 2… 1… liftoff!

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