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Podcast: Finding Herschel

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In July we had astronomer Nick Howes do a guest blog post about how he was able to image the Herschel observatory, which sat a million miles away from the Earth at the 2nd Lagrange point (and is now being moved into a graveyard orbit). This time we talked to him in person – well, not quite in person, since he’s in the UK – to hear the back story about how he imaged Herschel, about the telescopes he used, and what got him into astronomy.

Nick Howes
Nick Howes (left) with Dr Carolyn Porco and Professor Brian Cox. Image courtesy of Nick Howes

More about this podcast:

Pictured below is one of the Faulkes Telescopes:

Faulkes Telescope
The Faulkes Telescope, credit: Faulkes Telescope

Here is the image of Herschel acquired by Nick Howes and his colleague. Read Nick’s guest blog about it for Blueshift.

The Herschel Spacecraft
Images taken and processed by N.Howes and E.Guido with Faulkes Telescope North which is operated by Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network

Here is ESA’s blog confirming Nick’s discovery.

One of the many astronomical observations made by Nick:
Strangers In the Night
A comet in same field of view as NGC 281

You can find more of his images on Flickr. There is a set of comet and asteroid images, as well as one of miscellaneous astronomical images.

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