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Podcast: The Art of Space, Part 2

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This is the second part of our interview with space artist Ron Miller. He’s an author, illustrator, former art director for the National Air & Space Museum’s Albert Einstein planetarium, and his work is truly inspirational! Here is Part 1 of our interview where we talk about how he got into the digital medium, his philosophy on space art, and how he researches his pieces. In Part 2, we talk more about exoplanets, and look at and discuss specific pieces of his art. We followed these episodes about space art with an interview with Dr. Eric Mamajek, whose discovery of a potential exoplanet system was visualized by Ron Miller.

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Below you’ll find the art we discuss in the podcast.

These pieces have very realistically rendered nebulae which we thought resembled real Hubble data.

Rogue Planet
“Rogue Planet” Image Courtesy of Ron Miller

This one is an artist’s impression of planets orbiting a pulsar. The first exoplanet system discovered was one around a pulsar. Dr. Aleksander Wolszczan from Penn State was one of the scientists who made this discovery. He was an astronomy professor of both Eric Mamajek (whose own exoplanet discovery we discuss in this podcast) and Blueshift’s Maggie Masetti, not long after his discovery.

Pulsar Planet with Nebula C

Image Courtesy of Ron Miller

The following two images were inspired by the potential exoplanet system discovered by Eric Mamajek, which just might have a Saturn-like ring system!

Exoplanet with rings
Image Courtesy of Ron Miller

Exoplanet with rings
Image Courtesy of Ron Miller

More about Ron Miller :

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