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Podcast: Studying Simulated Stardust

  • By Sara Mitchell
  • April 25, 2013
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Dust – on Earth, it’s a nuisance. But in space, it’s a valuable natural resource, a raw material essential to the formation of nearly any object imaginable. NASA Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Christina Richey studies interstellar dust grains through laboratory-created analogs, comparing the properties of simulated stardust to data from missions like SOFIA, Spitzer, and Herschel. This hands-on approach gives Christina and other researchers unique insight into the building blocks of stars, planets, and even life. This research complements observational data, computer simulations, and other studies of how objects form and work in space. In this interview, Blueshift spoke to Christina about her research as well as her adventures outside the lab, looking for life in exceptionally hostile environments.

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Christina Richey
Credit: Christina Richey

Christina recently accepted a new position with NASA’s Planetary Science Division and will no longer be blogging for us about her adventures, but you can read her previous guest blogs:

For more on interstellar dust:

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