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Contest: 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest Results

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  • November 19, 2012
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Thank you so much for your entries for our space/science Halloween costume contest! We were really sorry to not be able to take entries from kids this time, but we hope we’ll be able to get the legalities sorted out for next year!

Without further ado, here are our winners!

Best Tribute to the Red Planet

This is Jean Pounder, who said, “Attached is my interpretation of the Mars Science Laboratory with a nod to the Odyssey, the longest functioning Mars orbiter.” We loved the creativity and detail in this one!

Jean Pounder

Best Hair (or Most Committed to the Costume)

John Nalezny dressed up as “Mohawk Guy,” a.k.a Bobak Ferdowsi, the mission controller for the NASA Mars Curiosity Landing. We were impressed since everyone else could just take their costume off, but not so much with this one.

John Nalezny

While we couldn’t post the pics of their cute and clever costumes, we did want to share this Pumpkin that Eric and Brian Schoellner carved, also of “Mohawk Guy.” Anyone else dress up as him for Halloween? (And do you think Bobak ever thought he’d be a Halloween costume?)

Mohawk Guy pumpkin

Most Nostalgic

Here is last year’s winner, Yuruany Arrieta, as the Space Shuttle. We like the flip-flops, which we are sure is a tribute to Florida, where the shuttle launches. We also enjoyed the wide array of NASA garb hanging behind her. An appropriate back-drop!

Yuruany Arrieta as the Space Shuttle

Most Ready for Orbit

We can’t have a shuttle without an astronaut! Susan Benson says, “This is my tribute to all of the greatness that is NASA.” Aw, shucks. :-)

Susan Benson

We’ll be in touch with all of you about your NASA prize packs!

Thank you again for entering and we hope we’ll see you next year!


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