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Contest: Halloween Costume Contest Results

Thanks to everyone that entered our Halloween science costume contest – we were thrilled with the response!

Here are our top three winners, who will each be receiving a prize pack of NASA goodies!

Yuruany Arrieta as the Hubble Space Telescope:



Dalaine Nolan as a robot! “The earrings are lights that blink, the top of the head has lights that work. The mouth is a blinking light also. On the back as you can see is an emergency switch that works.”

NASA Robot Entry

Back of Robot - Nasa Entry

And Tara Lofgren as the Moon! She says the costume…”took 2-3 weeks of work. To make my moon costume, I covered a giant balloon in paper mache, cut holes for my body, then added clay craters and painted the dark “mare”. The front looks like the near side of the moon, with the Apollo 11 flag, and the back resembles the far side. with lots of craters and mountains. I also had homemade star and an Earth earrings.”




We do have a few honorable mentions, who will also be receiving a little something from us.

The first is David Cohen who sent us a picture of himself 11 years ago when he was a kid in a Mars Pathfinder costume! He also sent us a picture of the costume itself, which he has held onto all these years!



Last we have the two entries that made us laugh.

Raychelle Burks sent us pics of the class favorite costumes from her college general chemistry class. In particular we thought Cody Smith, who went as the chemistry version of a surfer dude/ bro – bromine oxide (BrO), was really funny.


We thought Manya Susoev’s costume was funny too. She explains that she is dressed as “‘Chemistry Cat,’ also known as ‘Science Cat.’ He’s an internet meme where a stock photo of a cat in a chemistry lab is coupled with a physics or chemistry-based pun, usually based off of cheesy chemistry jokes from grade school education.”


Well done!

Here are the best of the rest of the entries – we really thought everyone did a great job! It was hard to pick our winners!

Guinevere Boyd as the Pythagorean Theorem:



Katelen Phelan & Sarah Raike as a pop quiz:

Pop Quiz

Liz Petosa as the class, AKA “General Chemistry” (the symbol on her coat is from the American Chemical Society):

General Chemistry

Sofyan Abassi & Jenna Davison teamed up to form Copper [Cu(II)] Nitrate (voted their classes favorite!):

Copper Nitrate

Raychelle Burks as Beryllium (or as the weather is turning cold there, Brrr-ylllium):


Thanks again for entering, everyone! We’ll be in touch with the winners.

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