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Happy Thanksgiving from Blueshift!

Ok, most of us at NASA aren’t astronauts and will be having normal Earth-food for Thanksgiving, but have you ever wondered what Thanksgiving is like for astronauts in space?

Last year, astronauts Jeff Williams and Nicole Stott made a little video to show what they’d be eating for Thanksgiving on the International Space Station (ISS). In additional to traditional turkey, they also had foods from NASA’s partner countries!

Here are astronauts Dan Tani and Peggy Whitson on the ISS in 2008:

Cosmonauts Vladimir N. Dezhurov (left) and Mikhail Tyurin, both Expedition 3 flight engineers representing Rosaviakosmos, eat Thanksgiving dinner in the Zvezda Service Module on the ISS in 2001.


STS-126 mission specialists Don Pettit and Steve Bowen drink a special Thanksgiving toast using cups Pettit designed for a weightless environment.

MSNBC also has an article about NASA Thanksgiving food, with a pic of what it looks like set out on a (NASA) plate!

In 2009 NASA made this cute Thanksgiving promo:

You can read other astronaut stories about Thanksgiving in space on

Lastly, the Chandra X-ray satellite has Thanksgiving/fall e-cards, so send those to all your friends!

We hope you all have a great holiday if you’re in a country that celebrates it!


  • Eve 2morrow says:

    It is really a very unique celebration .
    I think it is the best thanks giving for all of them as not every one can have it in space

  • Michael says:

    This is a great exploits I must confess. Thanks for posting this unique info and the photos. More writeups like this makes me fulfilled. Lol!

NASA Logo, National Aeronautics and Space Administration