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Blueshift Road Trip follow-up

You might recall that we posted that we were going on the road again. We didn’t have any guessers – but then, maybe we gave it away on Twitter?

We were actually in Las Vegas attending the Blogworld and New Media Expo 2010!

Welcome to...

We went to a panel on content creation by Brian Solis. The thing that stuck with me most about what he said was the idea that so many people syndicate their content these days. But if you are not present on whatever social media vehicle it is, don’t be there. You don’t need to be everywhere. This struck me – because I was following someone (an author) on Twitter, and they never seemed to reply to @ comments. And then I realized they were interacting with people on Facebook. Their Facebook posts were shipped to Twitter, but they weren’t ever there. If I wanted an interaction, I had to comment on Facebook. She wasn’t even going to see any comment I made on Twitter!

Darren Rowse gave a panel on building audiences, something we’re very keen on. We got lots of ideas from this one – hopefully we’ll be able to do spring some of these into action.

Another panel was on the current state of podcasting. A discussion on our own current state is probably forthcoming – but we did pick up some interesting data and who listens and how. (Young people listen and watch on demand, not in syndication, for instance.)

Who knew there were so many add-ons for small video cameras? After we learned about them, we went on a video safari:


We made our mark on a car that is going to be used in crash-testing!

Survivor creator Mark Burnett gave a keynote…

…and we met former Top Chef contestant Stephen Hopcraft (who cooked us paella)!


We also met someone else that we’re looking to collaborate with. We’re really excited about this one, but we’re not giving it away just yet!

In any case, it’s always great to see what’s going on in social media (since it changes so quickly) and we came back full of ideas for ways we can use what we learned!

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