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Contest: Win a WMAP beach ball – day 1!

As soon as we started blogging about the WMAP beach ball and its appearance on the set of The Big Bang Theory, we started getting some comments and tweets asking, “How can I get one of those?”

The beach ball was produced for educational uses, so it’s available to teachers to use in the classroom. However, we got a few especially for Blueshift’s followers and listeners – and we even got them signed by Nobel Laureate John Mather! Dr. Mather shared the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on understanding the Big Bang. So these are some extra-special beach balls!


These beach balls will be part of five prize packs full of NASA goodies that we’re giving away every day this week. So you’ll have 5 chances to win one! Here’s how to enter today’s contest:

Tell us your favorite joke about the Big Bang!

Post your joke as a comment on this entry. Comments are moderated and we ask that you be respectful. No profanity please! Any comments with non-NASA links may be edited or removed. Edited to add:  Please keep the political and religious humor to a minimum – as a NASA blog we’re steering clear of that.  We’re also unable to publish comments that contain mature content. They’re funny jokes, it’s true, but we’re trying to keep this all-ages!

Entries must be received by 5PM ET on Friday, October 1. We’ll announce the winner next week and mail out the prizes!

Good luck, and keep an eye on the blog for a new chance to enter every day this week.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this blog entry are that of specific individuals and do not represent those of NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, or Blueshift.

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  • Max Cardaci says:

    Big Ben…
    Oh… Lunchtime!

  • Chuck says:

    When asked why did the chicken cross the road, the following scientists replied:

    Lemaître : He crossed with a big bang.

    1) Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest. Chickens in motion tend to cross the road.
    2) It was pushed on the road.
    3) It was pushed on the road by another chicken, which went away from the road.
    4) It was attracted to a chicken on the other side of the road.

    Ohm : There was more resistance on this side of the road.

    Galileo : To get a better look at the stars.

    Johannes Kepler : He crossed in an arc, not a straight line.

  • Julio Vannini says:

    Suddenly, there was the Universe, the stars shone their first light… and the Electricity Company already had the bill from the past 3 months…

  • Susan Koscielski says:

    The Best Of Times, The First Of Times

  • Thomas Mitchell says:

    *Pop* Goes Existence!

  • Douglas A Swoope says:

    Why did the WMAP beach ball cross the road?
    Windy day…
    <- insert rim shot here :-)

  • Douglas A Swoope says:

    Why didn’t the WMAP beach ball make it across the road.
    <-insert rim shot here :-)

  • Eric Sklavos says:

    This is a joke I made up that was inspired by Sheldon’s “A neutron walks into a bar” joke.

    One-third of a proton walks into a bar. He goes to order a drink from the bartender. As the bartender goes to serve him his drink the electron in the corner yells, “You’re not going to serve the likes of him in here. I can’t believe you’d serve his kind.” The bartender turns to the electron and says, “Don’t be so negative, he’s all right, he’s just a little quarky.”

  • Lorenzo l says:

    New scientific theory about the Big Bang: God typed pkunzip

  • patrick kelly says:

    I know what happened during the Planck era. For puchline, please send WMAP beach ball.

  • Eryk L says:

    What happens when bacon bits touch bacon? The Big Bang. Bacon = the best thing ever!

  • jay says:

    In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad idea. (Douglas Adams)

  • Bella reinke says:

    Another multiterse joke.

    What did one big bang say to the other big bang?

    Bite me

    Bella reinke

  • esraa says:

    teacher:how did big bang happend?

    student:one star tried to Commits suicide

  • Dan Hawkridge says:

    No one knows what caused the first big bang, but the second is gonna go something like this:
    “Watch this!”
    “Ye canne change the laws of physics!”
    or “Welcome to the LHC, where…”

  • Grieg Pedersen says:

    Since matter didn’t really settle out of the Big Bang for a little while, this seems appropriate:

    In the beginning there was nothing. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was still nothing, only now you could see it.

  • Andrew Becker says:

    God: “Why won’t you people stop talking about the big bang?!? It wasn’t that big to begin with, it just got blown way out of proportion!”

  • Do-Ming Lum says:

    Project managers are called upon to do two kinds of system implementations — a “phased in” approach where changes are gradually made, or a “big bang” approach where all the change happens all at once. An unprepared organization will make a joke of such an implementation, as well as the project manager’s career.

  • Sheryl says:

    Ummm. I’m kind of at a disadvantage here. I don’t know any jokes — Big Bang or otherwise. Not one joke. I just can never remember a joke. Now I’m depressed. :-(

  • vivek somani says:

    Matter is fundamentally lazy:- It always takes the path of least effort
    Matter is fundamentally stupid:- It tries every other path first.
    That is the heart of physics – The rest is details

  • Chris Crowe says:

    Why did the universe cross the road?

    To get to the event horizon!

  • Dietmar Appelt says:

    Daddy, what is a big bang?
    Well, Einstein once said time exists so everything doesn’t happen all at once. And we know that the exception proves the rule correct – singularities being what they are. So the big bang is that one moment in time when God sneezed.

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