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Podcast: The Podcast Strikes Back

  • By Sara Mitchell
  • November 17, 2007
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Welcome to the November 2007 episode of Blueshift, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This month, find out what it’s like to spend a summer vacation at NASA in interviews with some of our 2007 interns.

Also, join us for a birthday party that’s out of this world… happy 10th birthday, ACE! And finally, we’ll share the answer to the Episode 4 brain teaser.

  • Introduction (0:00 – 1:14)
  • Audio Scrapbook: 2007 Summer Interns (1:15 – 3:59)
    What’s it like to spend a summer doing research here at NASA?
  • Featured Story Happy Birthday, ACE! (4:00 – 9:09)
    Celebrate the 10th birthday of the Advanced Composition Explorer, and find out what it’s been doing up there.
  • Brain Teaser – Answer (9:10 – 10:06)
  • Closing (10:07 – 11:03)


Audio Scrapbook: 2007 Summer Interns

We spoke with several of our summer interns about their research and experiences at Goddard during the summer of 2007. For more information about NASA internship opportunities, visit:


Featured Story: Happy Birthday, ACE!

This August, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Advanced Composition Explorer, or ACE, a mission studying the solar wind, magnetic fields, and high-energy particles. To learn more about ACE and its science, visit these sites:

  • Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) – The official mission website, featuring mission information, news, data, multimedia, and more!
  • Cosmicopia – Information about cosmic rays, the Earth’s magnetosphere, the Sun, space weather, and other exciting topics in space science.



Hosts Steve Fantasia
Maggie Masetti
Audio Scrapbook Mike Arida
Featured Story Sara Mitchell
Guests Damon Anderson
Georgia de Nolfo
Kimberlee O’Dair
Lynnae Quick
Trivia Master Steve Fantasia
Theme Music Naked Singularity
Other Music Outta Scope
Editors Mike Arida
Sara Mitchell
Producer Sara Mitchell
Executive Producer Anita Krishnamurthi
Responsible NASA Official Kim Weaver

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