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Podcast: X-ray Vision

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Welcome to the June 2007 episode of Blueshift, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. We’re featuring X-ray astronomy this episode – listening to black holes and learning about what it takes to build an X-ray telescope.

We interviewed Jerry Bonnell, co-curator of the Astronomy Picture of the Day, for a behind-the-scenes look at the website. We’ll wrap things up with a new question from the mailbag, and a brain teaser.

  • Introduction (0:00 – 1:39)
  • Brain Teaser (1:40 – 2:44)
  • Featured Story: Looking at Black Holes Through X-ray Eyes (2:45 – 7:23)
    Using invisible light to study the Universe… and listen to black holes.
  • Interview: Curtis Odell and X-ray Telescopes (7:24 – 10:39)
    What does it take to catch those X-rays? A look at how these special telescopes work.
  • Interview: Jerry Bonnell and the Astronomy Picture of the Day (10:40 – 13:44)
    Behind the scenes of the popular website and its daily astronomical images.
  • Mailbag: Do we know what’s happening this very second in the most distant parts of the Universe? (13:45 – 16:43)
  • Brain Teaser – Answer (16:44 – 18:18)
  • Closing (18:19 – 19:04)


Featured Story: Looking at Black Holes Through X-ray Eyes

In this story, we took a look at X-rays and what they can tell us about the Universe. The following links and videos cover these topics in more depth, and can get you started on your own X-ray adventure!


Interview: Jerry Bonnell and the Astronomy Picture of the Day

We were excited to sit down with Jerry, the co-creator of the popular Astronomy Picture of the Day website. To see a new image every day, with a helpful caption and links, visit:



Hosts Mike Arida
Sara Mitchell
Trivia Master Louis Barbier
Featured Story Maggie Masetti
Koji Mukai
Interview with Curtis Odell Louis Barbier
Interview with Jerry Bonnell Steve Fantasia
Mailbag Beth Barbier
Jim Lochner
Guests Jerry Bonnell
Jean Cottam
Craig Markwardt
Curtis Odell
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Editors Maggie Masetti
Sara Mitchell
Koji Mukai
Producer Sara Mitchell
Executive Producer Anita Krishnamurthi
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