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Podcast: Life and Death

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Welcome to the May 2007 episode of Blueshift, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. We’ll discuss our search for Earth-like planets outside of our own Solar System. We’ll also look into gamma ray bursts, and how the Swift satellite team is working to solve their mysteries. This episode includes a brain teaser and mailbag question.

  • Introduction (0:00 – 1:20)
  • Brain Teaser (1:21 – 2:12)
  • Interview: Jennifer Wiseman and the Search for Other Worlds (2:13 – 8:11)
    We’re finding new planets almost every day – find out what’s out there and how we’re finding them.
  • Featured Story: Solving the Puzzles of Gamma-Ray Bursts (8:12 – 14:26)
    These mysterious events have had scientists asking questions for years, but now we have some answers.
  • Mailbag: What kind of rays are cosmic rays? (14:27 – 17:40)
    Get the facts on these fast-moving particles… and old movies.
  • James Webb Space Telescope story update (17:41 – 18:17)
    New information about the story featured in Episode 1.
  • Brain Teaser – Answer (18:18 – 19:06)
  • Closing (19:07 – 20:00)


The Search for Other Worlds

In our interview with Jennifer Wiseman, we heard about the technology and methods behind the discovery of other planets outside of our solar system. For more information about these discoveries, visit:


Solving the Puzzles of Gamma-Ray Bursts

The Swift satellite is regularly detecting gamma-ray bursts all over the Universe, powerful events of great interest to astronomers. To find out more about Swift and gamma-ray bursts, take a look at these sites:



Hosts Steve Fantasia
Maggie Masetti
Trivia Master Louis Barbier
Interview with Jennifer Wiseman Anita Krishnamurthi
Featured Story Ilana Harrus
Mailbag Beth Barbier
Jim Lochner
Guests Neil Gehrels
Jennifer Wiseman
Theme Music Naked Singularity
Other Music Outta Scope
Editors Ilana Harrus
Anita Krishnamurthi
Sara Mitchell
Producer Sara Mitchell
Executive Producer Anita Krishnamurthi
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