Finding the UV-Visible Path Forward: A Community Workshop to Plan the Future of UV/Visible Space Astrophysics


Thursday, June 25

Goddard Space Flight Center, Building 34, Room W150

8:30-8:40 Announcements, Introduction - Susan Neff (local info), Paul Scowen (Chair)
8:40-9:20 Setting the Political Stage - Mario Perez, NASA HQ (30 min + 10 min questions)
PDF version
9:20-9:50 High Definition Space Telescope (AURA Study) - Jason Tumlinson
9:50-10:20 ATLAST Study - Mark Clampin
10:20-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:20 SIG Subcommittee Introductions and Goals (10 minutes each)

Science (Todd Tripp):
Technology (Matt Beasley):
Missions (David Ardila):
Flagship (Paul Scowen):
11:20-12:30 Subcommittee Breakouts (Connection details and agendas will be posted closer to the meeting)

Science, Room W305
Technology, Room E215
Missions, Room W360L
Flagship, Room W150
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30 - 4:30 Subcommittee Breakouts continued
3:00 Coffee available (outside W150)
4:30-5:00 Report from ExoPAG12 Meeting - Scott Gaudi
5:00-5:30 COPAG response to Hertz charge & Exploring the synergies of a Joint ExoPlanet/UVOIR Mission - Mary Beth Kaiser
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5:30 Adjourn - Optional tour of GSFC technologies and capabilities relevant to future large-aperture telescopes.
7:00 Group Dinners arranged separately by each Subcommittee

Friday, June 26

8:30-8:40 Announcements, Schedule Adjustments
8:40-10:30 Presentation and Workshop-wide discussion on compelling UV-visible science - what was missed by the submitted white papers / AURA report - led by Todd Tripp
10:20-10:50 Coffee
10:50-12:00 Technology - Needs and Priorities. Discussion led by Matt Beasley
12:00-1:00 Lunch - Optional viewing of 22-minute video by renowned former Disney imagineer, Bob Rogers, on the future path of NASA.
1:00-2:00 Smaller missions vs. Flagships, possible new mission lines such as Discovery-class. Discussion led by David Ardila
2:00-3:20 Subcommittee Reports and Next Steps - 20 minutes per subcommittee

3:20-3:40 Coffee
3:40-4:30 UV/Vis SIG's Recommendations to COPAG on Large Mission Studies - Consensus? Discussion led by Paul Scowen
4:30-5:30 Moving Forward from Here; Writing Plans/Assignments, Form of Workshop Report - Paul Scowen
5:30 Adjourn