Finding the UV-Visible Path Forward: A Community Workshop to Plan the Future of UV/Visible Space Astrophysics

Uploading Talks

Please send us your talks no later than 4pm EDT (3pm CDT, 2pm MDT, 1pm MST and PDT) on Wednesday June 24th, so we can post them on the webpage and have them ready for WebEX on Thursday morning.

We strongly prefer .pdf, so that your fonts behave properly. Please compress the files. If they are larger than ~10MB, they may need to be split into multiple parts to get to us.

Use a filename of the form: UVVis_Session_Lastname.pdf

Email the file, with a subject line of "UVVIs presentation session presenter", where "presenter" is your last name, and "session" is one of:


Email to:
CC to: