Finding the UV-Visible Path Forward: A Community Workshop to Plan the Future of UV/Visible Space Astrophysics

Accessing GSFC

The SIG 2 UV Workshop is quickly approaching, and we would like to make sure you are aware of the NASA Visitor badge pick up procedures, among other meeting details. Please read this email carefully, and if you require any further clarification, do not hesitate to contact Lynette Queen, or 301.286.7780.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is located at 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt MD 20771 (directions at GSFC is a controlled access facility; participants will have to report to the security building next to the main gate on Greenbelt Road to collect their access badges. There is a parking lot to the right, just outside the mail gate - park there while obtaining your badge. (Don't park there long term - you may be towed). To avoid a delay with check-in, please ensure that you have all of your documentation prior to arriving (details below). Conference representatives will be at the Goddard Main Gate from 7:30am to 9 am on Thursday morning, distributing the visitor badges. There will be a special table for the UV/Vis workshop, so there will be no need for anyone to stand in the main badging line. All badges that are not picked up by 9am from the table will be returned to security and the participants will have to stand in the regular badging line to pick up their badge.

The SIG UV/Vis Workshop will be held in building 34, room W150. The meeting location is about a 10 minute walk or 2 minute drive from the Goddard front gate. Maps of the center will be available at the security office (we are not permitted to distribute or post maps). There will be a Goddard Taxi ride for those who are not driving, if desired. From the front gate, proceed straight ahead on Goddard Rd to the first 4 way stop sign. Turn right on Explorer Rd and continue approximately 1/2 mile, through one stopsign (Minitrack Rd) and one traffic light (IceSat Rd). Just past the traffic light, Building 34 will be on your left. If you are walking, cross the road at the traffic light and walk up the sidewalk to building 34. If you are driving, continue on Explorer Rd through another stop sign (at Aqua Rd), and then take the first left after the stop sign into the Building 34 parking lots. Proceed straight up the slight incline and park in the large lot to your right (near the large oak tree). The workshop is at the far end of Building 34 coming in this way.

Enter Building 34 through the doors at the front horseshoe (turnaround), and the meeting room is located to the right at the end of the hall. Once in Building 34, rooms are numbered by location in the building - W (west), E( east), S (south or center), or N (north, or labs).

US Citizens/ Legal Permanent residents (Green card holders)

You will need to check in at the Security office (Main Gate) located off of Greenbelt Road. There you will have to produce two forms of ID listed on the attached I-9 Security poster. Green card holders MUST bring their “green card”. If you have specific questions pertaining to your proof of identification please do not hesitate to contact Lynette Queen at or 301.286.7780.

Effective July 21, 2014, all US Government Agencies are required to adhere to the Federal REAL ID Act phase two requirements for access to Federal facilities. The Act will impact Visitors to NASA facilities using state-issued ID to access the Center. Only driver's licenses or identifications cards from states that meet REAL ID standards may be used for Visitor access. Current (as of January 29, 2015) noncompliant states and territories whose driver's licenses do not meet the Real ID standards are: America Samoa, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York. Visitors with driver's licenses from these states will be required to present an alternate form of identification for unescorted access. In addition to Real ID compliant driver's licenses, other acceptable forms of identification for access include Federal employee badges, passports, Transit Worker Identification Cards (TWIC) or military identification cards (see the I-9 Security poster) for acceptable forms of identification). Visitors without acceptable identity documents will require an escort in order to obtain access to the facility. Please visit for more information on the REAL ID Act.

Foreign Nationals

All non US Citizens or green card holders are classified as a Foreign Nationals. All foreign national badge processing will also occur at the Security office (Main Gate) located at 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, Maryland.

For identification proofing, your passport and visa documents must be presented. If you are not traveling on a visa you MUST bring a copy of the confirmation page of your ESTA Visa waiver.