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Social Activities

We are having suggested gathering places and hosting a workshop dinner for TES VI workshop participants as a way to maintain the intimacy of the TES workshop within the larger ASC conference. These are all located in the downtown area of Portland. The cost of dinner will be largely covered by the generous contribution from our sponsors, Rogue Valley Microdevices, Star Cryoelectronics, Luxel and High Precision Devices.

We are suggesting the following restaurant and brewpub for people from the TES workshop to meet in the evenings when other events are not taking place, such as Sunday and Monday:

Restaurant: Clyde Common, 1014 SW Stark Street, Portland - Directions
Brew pub: Bridgeport Brewpub, 1313 NW Marshall Street, Portland - Directions

TES-VI Workshop Banquet

Location: Oba Restaurant, 555 NW 12th Avenue, Portland, in the heart of the Pearl District, Nuevo Latino Cuisine.

When: Wednesday October 10th, 2012,    7:30PM

Oba restaurant is reachable by foot, about a 30 minute walk using the recommended route here, or 25 minutes using the most direct route over the Steel bridge. Alternatively one may take the MAX (Green) or bus (4, 44 or 77) from the convention center to next to the train station, and walk 6 blocks as shown here. The new Portland streetcar might also be available by October.

The cost of the banquet for the first 80 people to respond should be about $30 (including tip etc.). For additional people after the first 80, the cost will increase to $50, so reserve your place early - no payment is needed for the reservation. Alcoholic beverages are available and must be paid for directly by individuals at the dinner.

Please send us the following information:

1) Will you be attending the workshop dinner ?

2) What are your menu choices from the selections below ? eg. 2(b)(i).

Please RSVP to the following e-mail address: A list of people attending the banquet dinner is available here.

Soup or Salad  { Please select ONE }
1. OBA Caesar Salad
    Romaine greens with our spicy dressing, roasted corn and pickled onions
2. Latitude 45 Farms Butter Lettuce Salad
    Tossed in champagne vinaigrette, topped with green apples, walnuts and Spanish blue cheese
3. Sopa de la Casa
    House made soup

Entree Selections { Please select one entree }
(a) Cashew Crusted Mojo Chicken
    A Draper Valley airline breast, basted with Cuban garlic mojo and topped with toasted cashews.
    Served with seasonal vegetables and our signature coconut jasmine rice

(b) Steak Picado
    Midwest Certified Angus Beef marinated and seared with sweet peppers, onions and a guajillo chile sauce.
    Served with our signature coconut jasmine
rice and fresh made guacamole

(c) Prawns a la Mexicana
    Six jumbo prawns pan-seared with a flavorful garlic tomato broth,
    served with our signature coconut jasmine rice and matchstick vegetables

(d) Tamales de Puerco
    Two housemade tamales filled with braised pork and red chile adobo,
    topped with Yucatan simmered tomato-chile sauce

(e) Vegetarian option available upon request

Desserts  { Please select ONE dessert }
(i) Tequila Tres Leches Cake
    Traditional Latin cake moistened with "three milks", flavored with tequila and pomegranate,
    with chantilly cream and orange segments

(ii) Fresh Fruit Sorbet
    With crystallized sugared tortilla cookies 
(iii) Chocolate Decadence
    A silky flourless dark German chocolate torte scented with orange and infused with chili pepper sweet cream butter.
    Served with the exclusive Great Northwest cinnamon ice cream

Soda and coffee