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The TES-VI workshop is part of the Applied Superconductivity Conference that is taking place from October 7-12, 2012 in Portland, OR.  The TES sessions are in the ASC Electronics category and listed below. For the entire ASC program, please go to their webpage.
In order to maintain the workshop feel of TES-VI, in addition to the ASC scheduled sessions we will be having several discussion sessions, just as we did for TES-V.  These discussion sessions will follow immediately after ASC scheduled sessions and are meant to provide a forum for discussing open issues and questions, especially those that may come up during the presentations.
We are also inviting poster presenters to create 1 slide which will be presented during some oral sessions where the oral presentation has been withdrawn, or at the end of oral sessions prior to respective poster sessions. Please send your 1-slide pdf files to

Sunday October 7, 2012

05:30-07:30PM Welcome Reception

Monday October 8, 2012

10:25-10:30AM    TES VI Workshop Welcome (B115-116) - Simon Bandler

10:30-12:30PM    1EC Transition Edge Sensors: Applications 1  (B115-116)
                               Moderators:  J. Ullom & M. Ribeiro Gomes

10:30-11:00AM    Advantages and disadvantages of TES-based detectors in comparison with other low-temperature detectors
                                P. Day (Jet Propulsion Lab) (invited)

11:00-11:15AM    withdrawn -> Single slide introductions to posters : 1EPN, 1EPP & 2EPE (5 single slides )

11:15-11:30AM    Multi-pixel TES system architecture for astrophysics and security
                                K. Peiselt (Jena)

11:30-11:45AM    Waveguide Integrated Tungsten Transition-Edge Sensors for Scalable Quantum Optical Applications
                                A.E. Lita (NIST-Boulder)

11:45-12:00PM    High-count-rate single-photon-sensitive superconducting transition edge sensors for the near IR
                                F.W. Carter (Yale)

12:00-12:15PM    Advances in small pixel TES-based X-ray microcalorimeter arrays for solar physics and astrophysics
                                S.R. Bandler (NASA-GSFC)

12:15-12:30PM    A 256 pixel array of microcalorimeters for high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy
                                D.A. Bennet (NIST-Boulder)

02:00-03:30PM    Poster session 

                             1EPN Transition Edge Sensors: Fabrication
(Exhibit Hall A, A1, B & C)
                                Moderator: M. Eckart

                              Improvements in silicon oxide dielectric loss for superconducting detector circuits
                              D. Li (NIST-Boulder)

                              Fabrication of Silicon Backshorts with Improved Out-of-Band Rejection for
                              Waveguide-Coupled Superconducting Detectors
                              E. Crowe (NASA-GSFC)
                              Fabrication and performance of large format transition edge sensor microcalorimeter arrays
                              J.A. Chervenak (NASA-GSFC)

                              Design and Fabrication of 90GHz TES Polarimeter for South Pole Telescope (SPT)
                              V. Yefremenko (Argonne)

                              Effects of protective layers on superconducting Mo/AuPd bilayers
                              G. Zieger (Jena)

                              Development of multilayer readout wiring for large arrays of TES X-ray microcalorimeters
                              Y. Ezoe (Tokyo Metropolitan)

                              1EPP. Transition Edge Sensors: Applications II (Exhibit Hall A, A1, B & C)
                                Moderator: M.E. Eckart

                              Status of the MARE experiment
                              M. Ribeiro Gomes (Center for Nuclear Physics, Lisbon)

                              Design and performance of kilo-pixel TES arrays for ACTPol
                              E. Grace (Princeton)

                             The transition-Edge-Sensor Array for the Micro-X Sounding Rocket
                                M.E. Eckart (NASA-GSFC)

                              TES Bolometers for Standoff Passive Imaging at 350 GHz
                              D. Becker (NIST-Boulder)

                              Development of detector/readout architecture suitable for Background Limited far-IR/Submm Spectrograph
                              M. Kenyon (JPL)

                              Multi-Absorber Transition Edge Sensors for X-ray Astronomy
                              S.J. Smith (NASA-GSFC)

                              Microcalorimeters in time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy
                               J. Uhlig (NIST-Boulder)

                              Development of TES bolometer camera for ASTE telecope: I. Bolometer array design
                              T. Oshima (NRO/NAOJ-University of Tokyo)

                              Development of TES camera for ASTE telecope: II. Performance of detector array
                              A. Hirota (Nobeyama)

03:30-06:15PM    1EG Transition Edge Sensors: Applications III  (B115-116)
                               Moderators:  F. Gatti & C. Kilbourne

03:30-04:00PM    Science Applications of TES Bolometers: Important new Scientific Results,
                              and promise of Next-Generation Instruments.
                                K.D. Irwin (NIST-Boulder) (invited)

04:00-04:30PM    Emerging applications for calorimeteric sensors
                                J. Ullom (NIST-Boulder) (invited)

04:30-04:45PM    Isothermal TES bolometers for ground, balloon, and satellite CMB polarimeters
                                M.D. Niemack (NIST-Boulder)

04:45-05:00PM    Electrical substitution radiometry for optical picowatt power levels using transition-edge sensors
                                N.A. Tomlin (NIST-Boulder)

05:00-05:15PM    withdrawn - TES VI Banquet ticket distribution

05:15-05:30PM   First synchrotron observations by the NIST microcalorimeter spectrometer
                                W.B. Doriese (NIST-Boulder)

05:30-05:45PM    withdrawn

05:45-06:00PM    High-precision Plutonium isotopic measurments using cryogenic microcalorimeter detectors
                                R. Winkler (Los Alamos) 

Tuesday October 9, 2012

9:00-10:30AM    Poster session
                            2EPE Transition Edge Sensors: Readouts and Supporting Technologies
  (Exhibit Hall A, A1, B & C)
                               Moderator:  M. Tanaka & T. Ortlepp

                            Flexible open-source software framework for control of STAR Cryoelectronics SQUID flux-locked feedback loops
                                F.T. Jaekel (New Mexico)

                            Characterization of resonators for microwave SQUID readout
                                F. Hirayama (AIST)

                            Controlling a Current Steering Analog Switch by Superconductor Electronics
                                O. Brandel (IPT, Jena)

                            Vacuum Load-Locked Sample Loader for TES-based Alpha-Particle Spectrometer
                                V. Kosubo    (NIST-Boulder)

                            Microwave Stabilization of HEB Mixer in a Pulse-Tube Cryocooler
                                A. Shurakov    (CFA)

                            Fabrication of compact superconducting lowpass filters for ultrasensitive detectors
                                A.-D. Brown (NASA-GSFC)

                            Development of superconducting electrical interconnections with thermal insulation for imagers
                                J. Goupy    (CEA-Grenoble)

03:30-05:30PM   2EG Transition Edge Sensors I Readouts and Supporting Technologies  (B115-116)
                               Session moderators:  W.B. Doriese & J. van der Kuur
03:30-04:00PM   Advances in read-out of TESs
                                L. Gottardi (SRON) (invited)

04:00-04:15PM    Time Domain Multiplexed Readout of Magnetically Couple Calorimeters
                                J.-P Porst (NASA-GSFC)

04:15-04:30PM    Eight-channel TES microcalorimeter system for detector and source development
                                M.P. Croce (Los Alamos)

04:30-04:45PM    Advances towards measuring 1,000,000 photon energies per second with TES arrays
                                 J.W. Fowler (NIST-Boulder)

04:45-05:00PM    Frequency Division Multiplexed readout of TES detectors with Baseband Feedback for SAFARI
                                J. van der Kuur (SRON)

05:00-05:15PM    Progress in Hadamard-coded multiplexing for Transition Edge Sensors
                                M. Kiviranta (VTT)

05:15-05:30PM    A digital signal processing module for time-division multiplexed microcalorimeter arrays
                                H. Tan (XIA)

05:30-06:00PM    Workshop discussion period

05:30-07:30PM    Exhibitor reception & Poster 3 extended time

Wednesday October 10, 2012

06:30-7:30AM    ASC 4.2 K Fun Run

10:30-12:30AM  3EC Transition Edge Sensors: Physics   (B115-116)
                               Moderators: K.D. Irwin all alone

10:30-11:00AM    The role of proximity effects in transition-edge sensor design and performance
                                S.J. Smith (NASA-GSFC) (invited)

11:00-11:15AM    Long range lateral proximity effect in superconducting transition edge sensors
                                A.G. Kozorezov (Lancaster)

11:15-11:30AM    Modeling of TES sensors' resistive transition
                                J.E. Sadleir (NASA-GSFC)

11:30-11:45AM    Mo/Au Bilayer Superconducting Transition Edge Sensor Tuning with Surface Modification Structures
                                G. Wang (Argonne)

11:45-12:00PM    Understanding the role of self-magnetic fields on transition shape in transition-edge sensors
                                D. Swetz (NIST-Boulder)

12:00-12:15PM    Effects of magnetic fields on highly sensitive TiAu TES bolometers
                                R.A. Hijmering (SRON)

12:15-12:30PM    Large signal behavior of a TES under AC bias under applied magnetic fields
                                J. van der Kuur (SRON)

12:30-12:40PM    Single slide introductions to afternoon posters : 3EPS & 3EPT (8 slides from the 16 posters in sessions)

02:00-03:30PM    Poster session
                                3EPS Microcalorimeter Technologies
  (Exhibit Hall A, A1, B & C)
                                   Moderator:  D. Bennet

                                Development of bulk superconducting absorber coupled transition edge sensor
                                detectors for gamma ray astronomy
                                    T.D. Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage (Tokyo)

                                Thermal properties of Y5Si3 to use as absorber in TES microcalorimeters for neutrino mass experiments
                                    S.B. Yanardag (Miami)

                                Phonon mechanisms for excess heat capacity in membrane isolated superconducting transition edge sensors
                                    J.A. Chervenak     (NASA-GSFC)
                                Magnetic calorimeters with superconducting absorbers for gamma-ray detection
                                    H. Lee     (KRISS)

                                Sensor Applications of a Mesoscopic SNS Junctions Array with Enlarged Negative Resistance Region
                                    T. Matsui    (NIICT, Tokyo)

                                Design of high resolution soft x-ray microcalorimeters using magnetic penetration thermometers
                                    S. Busch    (NASA-GSFC)

                                Performance and characterization of Magnetic Penetration Thermometer Devices for X-ray spectroscopy
                                    J.-P. Porst    (Brown/NASA-GSFC)

                                3EPT Transition Edge Sensors: Physics and Characterization (Exhibit Hall A, A1, B & C)
                                   Moderator:  D. Bennet

                                Magnetic field dependance of the critical current in S/N bilayer thin films
                                    J. E. Sadleir    (NASA-GSFC)

                                Position-Dependent Pulse Shape in TES Thermometers Coupled to Bi/Au Absorbers
                                    K. Morgan    (Wisconsin)

                                Effect of Mo/Cu superconducting bilayer geometry on ultra-sensitive transition-edge sensor performance
                                    A.D. Beyer    (JPL)

                                Design of superconductor transition edge sensor circuits using two-fluid based device model
                                    Q. Zhang    (Hefei, China)

                                Detailed TES characterization to optimize sensor performance
                                    D. Swetz    (NIST-Boulder)

                                Characterization of Mo/Au thermometer for Athena
                                    M. Parra-Borderias    (CSIC-INTA)

                                Single pixel characterization of x-ray TES microcalorimeter under ac bias at MHz frequencies
                                     H. Akamatsu   (SRON)

                                An Analysis of Time and Energy Resolution in Microcalorimeters with AC driven TESs
                                    R. Vaccarone    (INFN, Genoa)

                                Precision optical pulser for testing low-temperature particle detectors
                                    F.T. Jaekel    (New Mexico)

03:30-06:00PM    3EG Transition Edge Sensors: Characterization  (B115-116)
                               Moderators:  S.R. Bandler & I. Maasilta

03:30-03:45PM    Superconducting effects in optimization of magnetic penetration thermometers for x-ray microcalorimeters
                                T.R. Stevenson (NASA-GSFC)

03:45-04:00PM    Microcalorimeters in time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy
                                J. Uhlig (NIST-Boulder)

04:00-04:15PM    Techniques to improve characterization of TES resolution for non-linear detectors
                                S.E. Busch (NASA-GSFC)

04:15-04:30PM    Characterization of optical fast Transition-Edge Sensors with optimized fiber coupling
                                M. Rajteri (Torino)

04:30-04:45PM    Transition-edge sensor absolute calibration in the near-infrared
                                E. Monticone (Torino)

04:45-05:00PM    Thermal decoupling of normal and superconducting phases in a transition edge sensor
                                M. Palosaari (Jyvaskyla)

05:00-05:15PM     Analytical solutions for two- and three-block thermal models of transition-edge
                                 sensors with electrothermal feedback
                                  I.J. Maasilta    (Jyvaskyla)

05:15-05:30PM    Operation of a TES in a resistance-locked loop
                                J. van der Kuur (SRON)

05:30-06:00PM    Workshop discussion period

07:30PM TES Workshop Dinner - Oba Restaurant

Thursday October 11, 2012

10:30-12:30AM  4ED Transition Edge Sensors II   (B115-116)
                               Moderators: Y. Ezoe & G. Hilton

10:30-11:00AM    Fabrication of devices employing superconducting transition edge sensors
                                D. Schmidt  (NIST-Boulder) (invited)

11:00-11:15AM    Total nuclear reaction energy spectroscopy with transition-edge-sensor microcalorimeters
                                M.W. Rabin (Los Alamos)

11:15-11:30AM    Development of Hard X-ray and Gamma-ray Spectrometer Using Superconducting transition Edge Sensor
                                S. Hatakeyama (Tokyo)

11:30-11:45AM    Study of a novel design of antenna coupled TES array for THz spectroscopy
                                M. Dell'Anna (Genova)

11:45-12:00PM    Novel absorber and heat-sinking structures for an optical TES for improved integration timing performance
                                B. Calkins (NIST-Boulder)

12:00-12:15PM    Mid-IR single photon detection with nanoscale transition edge sensor
                                 B.S. Karasik (JPL)

12:15-12:30PM    Improvement of energy resolution and timing jitter with thin gold-covered titanium optical transition edge sensor
                                D. Fukuda (AIST, Japan)

02:00-04:30PM    4EG Transition Edge Sensors: Supporting Technologies  (B115-116)
                               Moderators:  J.A. Chervenak & M.W. Rabin

02:00-02:15PM    Prospects for substrate-induced modification of electron-phonon coupling
                                J.M. Underwood (NIST-Boulder)

02:15-02:30PM    Thermal properties of Silicon Nitride membranes using Johnson Noise Thermometry from 50 mK
                                D. Bassett (Denver)

02:30-02:45PM    Athermal energy loss from X-rays deposited in thin superconducting bilayers on solid substrates
                                A. Kozorezov (Lancaster)

02:45-03:00PM    Horn Coupled Multichroic TES Polarimeters
                                J. McMahon (Michigan)

03:00-03:15PM    Progress on cooling seperate, user-supplied payloads with large area NIS refrigerator
                                P.J. Lowell (NIST-Boulder)

03:15-03:30PM    Static and dynamic behavior of superconducting magnetic shields for TES detectors
                                M. Dhalle (Twente)

03:30-03:45PM    Properties of holmium implanted gold films as absorbers in a holmium neutrino
                              mass experiment with TES microcalorimeters
                                K. Prasai (Miami)

03:45-04:00PM    TES Workshop final discussion

06:00-8:30PM       ASC Farewell reception