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LUVOIR seminars are usually Wednesdays at 11 AM eastern at Goddard Space Flight Center in Building 34, Room E215 (unless otherwise noted). Chair: Ravi Kopparapu

The Serendipitous Detection of Technosignatures in Exoplanet Characterization Observations
Dr. Thomas Beatty, Steward Observatory-University of Arizona
11 December 2019
The Search for Life in the Universe with LUVOIR
Giada Arney, NASA Goddard
May 1, 2019 – recording
Testing the habitable zone concept
Jade Checlair, U. Chicago
April 2019 – recording   
Optimized Broadband Colors for Discriminating Earth-like Exoplanets
Dr. Noam Izenberg, JHU-APL
27 March 2019
Uniting Surveys and Simulations to Explore Galaxy Evolution
Dr. Gregory Snyder, STSCI
6 March 2019 – recording
Disequilibrium biosignatures in exoplanet atmospheres: early Earth analogs, detectability with next generation telescopes, and implications for instrument design
Joshua Krissansen-Totton, U. Washington-Seattle
6 February 2019 – recording   
Laser Guide Star for Large Segmented-aperture Space Telescopes for Relaxation of Observatory Stability Requirements and Improvement in Exoplanet Detection Capability
Kerri Cahoy, Ewan Douglas, Jennifer Lumbres, Jared Males
7 December 2018 – recording   slides
Exploring the Satellite Systems of Uranus and Neptune with LUVOIR
Richard Cartwright, SETI
8 August 2018 – recording   slides
Oxygen False Positives in Terrestrial Planetary Atmospheres: The Impact of Secondary Processes
Sonny Harman, NASA GISS/Columbia University
25 July 2018 – recording
Transformative Ocean World Science with LUVOIR
Marc Neveu
11 July 2018 – recording
Resolving the Building Blocks of Distant Galaxies with the Large UV Optical Infra-red Telescope
Prof. Katherine Whitaker, University of Connecticut
02 May 2018 – recording
Prof. Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, Vanderbilt University
14 Mar 2018
Studying Quasar Outflows and Weak Nuclear Activity in Galaxies via UV Spectroscopy.
Michael Eracleous, Pennsylvania State University
14 Feb 2018
Exoplanet Habitability in the LUVOIR Era
Rory Barnes, University of Washington, Seattle
31 Jan 2018 – Connect recording
The Extraordinary World of the Small Bodies in the Solar System
Noemi Pinilla-Alonso, University of Central Florida
29 Nov 2017 – Connect recording
Laser Guide Star for Large Segmented Aperture Space Telescopes
Kerri Cahoy, Ewan Douglas, James Clark, and Weston Marlow, MIT
Jared Males and Jennifer Lumbres, Univeristy of Arizona
20 Nov 2017 – Connect recording
Prospects for Mapping Terrestrial Exoplanets with LUVOIR
Jacob Lustig-Yaeger, University of Washington, Seattle
25 Oct 2017 – Connect recording
Understanding Planet Formation by Studying Photo-evaporation from Hot Neptunes
Eric Lopez, NASA Goddard
11 Oct 2017
Dynamics of Hierarchical Three-body Systems with Applications to the Origin of Exoplanets and Stars in Galactic Centers
Gongjie Li, Harvard University
04 Oct 2017 – Slides: PDF, Keynote
Looking Ahead: Metals and Circumgalactic Gas with HST and LUVOIR
Chris Howk (University of Notredame)
09 Aug 2017 – Slides: PDF
The when, where, and how of galaxies with LUVOIR
John O' Meara (Saint Michael's College)
21 Jun 2017 – Slides: PDF, Keynote
Orbits for the Impatient: a Bayesian Rejection-sampling Algorithm for Rapidly Fitting the Orbits of Long-period Exoplanets
Sarah Blunt (Brown University)
31 May 2017 – Slides: PDF, PowerPointConnect recording
New Insights on Planet Formation in WASP-47 from a Simultaneous Analysis of Radial Velocities and Transit Timing Variations
Lauren Weiss (Universite de Montreal)
03 May 2017 – Connect recording
Pulling Back the Veil on Enshrouded Earths
Giada Arney (NASA Goddard)
15 Mar 2017 – Connect recording
SAINT technology development in the scope of LUVOIR
Brian Hicks (NASA Goddard)
15 Feb 2017 – Slides: PDFConnect recording
Proxima Centauri b: A World of Possibilities
Victoria Meadows (University of Washington, Seattle)
18 Jan 2017 – Slides: PDF, PowerPointConnect recording
On the Hunt for Counterparts to Gravitational-Wave Events
Peter Shawhan (University of Maryland)
07 Dec 2016 – Slides: PDF, PowerPointConnect recording
From Red Dwarfs to Pale Blue Dots: Searching for Potentially Habitable Planets in the Galaxy with Kepler, K2, TESS, & Beyond
Courtney Dressing (Caltech)
30 Nov 2016 – Slides: PDF, PowerPointConnect recording
Revolutionizing Planetary Research with LUVOIR: Overview and tutorial of a new spectral simulator
Geronimo Villanueva (NASA Goddard)
02 Nov 2016 – Slides: PDFConnect recording
New front of exoplanetary Science: High dispersion coronagraphy (HDC)
Ji Wang (Caltech)
26 Oct 2016 – Slides: PDF, PowerPointConnect recording
2 > 1: Using binaries to learn about exoplanets
Tim Rodigas (Carnegie Institute of Washington)
21 Sep 2016 – Slides: PDF – Audio: Connect recording
Getting Under Europa's skin: Ice dynamics and habitability from terrestrial analogs
Britney Schmidt (Georgia Tech)
07 Sep 2016
The Ultraviolet view of protoplanetary disks: From Hubble to LUVOIR
Kevin France (University of Colorado, Boulder)
10 Aug 2016 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint – Audio: Connect recording
Constraining the Properties of Directly Imaged Planets through Reflected Light Spectroscopy
Mark Marley (NASA Ames)
13 Jul 2016 – Slides: PDF – Audio: Connect recording
All Planets Great and Small
Rebekah Dawson (Penn State)
29 Jun 2016 – Audio: Connect recording
Revealing the last 10 billion years of gas in and around galaxies
John O' Meara (Saint Michael's College)
22 Jun 2016 – Slides: PDF
Resolving Icy Planetesimals: Kuiper Belt Objects Through the Eyes of HST and its Successors
Wesley Fraser (Queen's University Belfast)
27 Apr 2016 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint
Dust Attenuation in Star-Forming Galaxies
Andrew Battisti (U Mass)
30 Mar 2016 – Slides: PDF – Audio: MP3
Damped Lyman-Alpha Systems at z~5
Ari Maller (CUNY)
23 Mar 2016 – Slides: PDF – Audio: MP3
The Circumgalactic Medium in 2D: from Lineland to Flatland
Kate Rubin (CFA)
09 Mar 2016 – Audio: MP3
Tracking the Metamorphosis of Galaxies through Cosmic Time
Jennifer Lotz (STScI)
17 Feb 2016 – Slides: PDF
Spectroastrometric Detection of Exomoons
Eric Agol (U of Washington)
03 Feb 2016 – Slides: PDF – Audio: MP3
Galaxy Growth as Seen Through Simulations and Models
Charlotte Christensen (Grinnell College)
27 Ja 2016 – Special Location: B34 W120B – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint
Image-Based Wavefront Sensing and Interferometric Imaging
James Fienup (U of Rochester)
15 Jan 2016 – Slides: PDF
Observing the Solar System's Giant Planets in the UVOIR
Amy Simon (NASA GSFC)
09 Dec 2015 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint – Movie: Zip – Audio: MP3
TALISMAN: An Enabling Capability for In-Space Servicing
John Dorsey (NASA LaRC)
18 Nov 2015 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint
Europa's Atmosphere and Plumes Through Ultraviolet Observations
Lorenz Roth (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
04 Nov 2015 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint – Audio: MP3
Probing Galaxy Evolution with the Next Generation of UVOIR Telescopes
Rachel Somerville (Rutgers)
21 Oct 2015 – Special Time: 3:00 pm ET – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint – Audio: MP3
Nearby Galaxies: What's Next?
Daniela Calzetti (U Mass)
07 Oct 2015 – Slides: PDF
Extrasolar Storms in High Definition: Cloud Physics and Atmospheric Dynamics in Exoplanets
Daniel Apai (U of Arizona)
30 2Sep 015 – Slides: PDF – Audio: MP3
High-Performance Coronagraphy for Large Segmented Apertures
Olivier Guyon (U Arizona)
22 Sep 2015 – Special Date/Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm ET – Slides: PDF – Audio: MP3
The Wonderful Lives of Massive Stars until their Final Explosions and Beyond
Selma de Mink (U Amsterdam)
16 Sep 2015 – Slides: PDF – Audio: MP3
The Occurrence Rate of Potential Habitable Planets Around FGKM Stars: Current Estimates From Ground and Space-based Surveys
Ravi Kopparapu (GSFC)
02 Sep 2015 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint – Audio: MP3
Galaxy Build-up at Cosmic Dawn: Lessons from Ultra-Deep Observations with Hubble and Sptizer
Pascel Oesch (Yale)
19 Aug 2015 – Slides: PDF, Keynote – Audio: MP3
Proper Motions of Jets from Black Holes in the HST Era and Beyond
Eileen Meyer (STScI)
12 Aug 2015 – Special Location: B34, W305 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint
Proper Motions in the Local Group: Next Generation Astrometry
Nitya Kallivayallil (Yale)
29 Jul 2015 – Slides: PDF, PowerPoint – Audio: MP3
Beyond the Horizon: What is Left to Learn after Hubble About the First Billion Years?
Steve Finkelstein (U Texas)
15 Jul 2015 – Slides: PDF, Keynote
Updates to the ExoEarth Yield Estimates
Chris Stark (STScI)
01 Jul 2015 – Slides: PDF
On Detecting Biospheres from Chemical Disequilibrium in Planetary Atmospheres
David Catling & Josh Krissansen-Totton (U of Washington)
24 Jun 2015 – Slides: PDF
On-orbit Servicing and Refueling Concepts
Ben Reed (GSFC)
17 Jun 2015 – Slides: PDF
Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Spectral Resolution
Jayne Birkby (CfA)
13 May 2015 – Slides: PDF
Kepler Mission Update and Looking Forward to TESS
Jon Jenkins (NASA ARC)
25 Mar 2015 – Slides: PDF
Prebiotic Life on Early Earth: Biosignatures with ATLAST
Vladimir Airapetian (NASA GSFC)
04 Mar 2015 – Slides: PDF