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This page links to performance simulation and visualization tools for the LUVOIR mission, a future ultraviolet / optical / near-infrared observatory concept.

These widgets are experimental. If they are not working, email Jason Tumlinson (STScI). For the Planetary Spectrum Generator, email Geronimo Villanueva (GSFC).

LUVOIR Science Case Template

Word document to describe a LUVOIR science case.

HDI Photometric ETC

Basic exposure time calculator for optical photometry in multi-band images.

Coronagraphic Spectra of Exoplanets

Simulate optical/near-IR reflection spectra of various exoplanets with realistic noise.

LUMOS Spectroscopic ETC

Simple exposure time calculator for UV spectroscopy.

Multiplanet Yield Tool

Tool for visualizing yields of observed exoplanets (of various types) as function of basic mission parameters.

High-Resolution Imaging

Examples of astronomical objects viewed with different sized telescopes.

Planetary Spectrum Generator

Advanced tool for simulating spectra of Solar System bodies (with LUVOIR and other telescopes).