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IXO Science Team Meeting – Present Status and Future Prospects in X-Ray Astronomy

March 14—16, 2011, Rome, Italy

The purpose of this meeting was to gather together the X-ray astronomical community worldwide to discuss the key science topics of IXO, and to review the discovery space opened by science and technological developments. Major parts of the meeting were devoted to IXO, its science objectives and instruments, although, a session for discussing other future missions was also available.

Science Topics:

  • Co-evolution of galaxies and their supermassive black holes: The first supermassive black holes, obscured growth of supermassive black holes, Cosmic feedback from supermassive black holes.
  • Large scale structure and the creation of chemical elements: The hot diffuse components of the Universe, Missing baryons and the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium, Cluster physics, evolution and cosmology, Chemical evolution through cosmic time.
  • Matter under extreme conditions: Strong gravity and accretion physics, Neutron star equation of state, Probing Quantum Chromodynamics through the neutron star equation of state.
  • Life cycles of matter and energy in the Universe: Supernova remnants: formation of the elements, shock heating and particle acceleration, Characterizing the Inter-stellar Medium in the Galaxy, The Galactic Center and its surroundings, Stars and planets.
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Meeting participants

Participants of the IXO Science Meeting in Rome, March 2011. Click the image for a larger view

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IXO Science Meeting Program

Monday, March 14  ››  Tuesday, March 15  ››   Wednesday, March 16 ››

Meeting poster in [.pdf]

Monday, 14 March 2011

S1: IXO reviews, SMBH & Evo
Lumb Mission status  (I)
Nandra Science overview  (I)
Favata ESA selection process  (I)
Ferrara First stars and BH  (I)

ALMA, SPICA and high‐z universe  (I)


Compton thick quasars at high z


Formation and Evolution of Dusty Tori in AGN

S2: SMBH, coevolution
Gilli IXO and high‐z universe (I)
King Outflows in AGN  (I)

AGN unification, X‐ray absorbers and Accretion


Chemical evolution & feedback  (I)

S3: SMBH coevo/ Large scale Structure

Large scale structure formation  (I)


E‐Rosita: clusters and AGN surveys  (I)


Perspectives of IXO followup of E‐Rosita sources

Ettori IXO and clusters   (I)
Tamura Suzaku measurements of gas bulk motions in galaxy clusters

Evolution of metal abundances in distant clusters

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

S4: IXO payload
Rando Mission Studies (I)
Bavdaz Mirror ESA (I)
Bookbinder Mirror NASA (I)
Willingale Path to Mirror readiness (I)
de Korte Overview and path to instrument readiness (I)
S5: LSS/Large scale structures
Ohashi IXO and WHIM (I)

The ISM seen at unprecedented resolu tion


What if Missing Baryons do not produce absorption lines?

S6: LSS/Matter under extremes
Stiavelli JWST and high‐z universe

Feedback and enrichment from SNR to LSS (I)


ASTRO-H: compact objects, clusters and SNR (I)

Tomsick Galactic Science with NuSTAR (I)
S7: Matter under extremes
Reynolds IXO and Fe line as probe (I)
Matt IXO and strong gravity (I)
Kallmann GEMS: matter under extremes (I)

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

S8: Matter under extremes/Obs. science
Barcons IXO and the multi‐v view of the Universe (I)
Miller Probing NS EOS and synergy with Adv. LIGO and VIRGO (I)
Fender Radio (Lofar, SKA) and transient universe (I)
Becker Studying NS ith IXO and E-Rosita
Decourchelle IXO and SNR (I)
S9: IXO as Observatory
Stelzer IXO and stars (I)

Prospective studies of star forming regions


X‐ray observations of Hot Jupiters

Argiroffi Poster selected talk I
Ranalli Poster selected talk II
S10: Path forward
White Concluding Remarks for IXO (I)
Barret Gravitas
den Herder ORIGIN
Pareschi NHXM
Feroci LOFT
Lumb Conclusions

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