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IXO meeting, April 27—29, 2010, Paris, France

More than 200 participants from around the world came to Paris for the Second International X-ray Observatory (IXO) Science Meeting to review the progress that has been made on IXO in a number of areas. The meeting began with an overview of the mission and included updates on the ongoing technology studies from ESA, NASA and Japan. A number of key science themes for IXO were also identified: What happens close to a black hole?; When and how did supermassive black holes grow?; How does the large scale structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters evolve?; What is the connection between these processes? See also: IXO @ ESA meeting page.

IXO Paris meeting participants

IXO Paris meeting participants. Click the image for a larger view

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Meeting page»

Meeting program

Meeting program in [.pdf]
Poster contributions

Day 1: Opening and mission studies, Chair: Didier Barret

Welcome address D. Lumb/D. Barret
Mission overview [.pdf] D. Lumb
Update on the ESA studies [.pdf] N. Rando
Update on the NASA studies [.pdf] J. Grady
Coffee break and poster viewing session

Day 1: Supermassive Black Holes and Galaxy Formation, Chair: Kirpal Nandra

The high-redshift Universe in X-rays [.pdf] A. Comastri
Feedback [.pdf] B. McNamara
The relativistic reflection model for NLS1 soft X-ray broad lines [.pdf] Th. Boller
Discovery of ultra-fast outflows in a sample of radiogalaxies [.pdf] R. Sambruna

End of day 1


Day 2: Payload, Telescope and Instrument studies, Chair: Jay Bookbinder

Update on Silicon Pore Optics development [.pdf] M. Bavdaz
Update on Glass Optics development [.pdf] A. Bamba/R. Petre
Payload overview after the mid-term review [.pdf] D. Martin
Coffee break and poster viewing session

Day 2: Formation of Large Scale Structure, Chair: Monique Arnaud

Structure formation (including synergies with EELT and Euclid) [.pdf] P. Rosati
Cluster physics, evolution and chemical abundances [.pdf] C. Jones
Cluster cosmology [.pdf] P. Henry
Discovering the first galaxy group with IXO [.pdf] Th. Reiprich

End of morning session


Day 2: Matter under extreme conditions (I), Chair: Andy Fabian

Neutron Star Equation of State [.pdf] M. Mendez
Fe line spectroscopy as a test of strong gravity [.pdf] G. Miniutti
Quasar winds and IXO [.pdf] M.J. Page
Observing AGN eclipses with IXO [.pdf] G. Risaliti
Coffee break and poster viewing session

Day 2: Matter under extreme conditions (II), Chair: Takaha Ohashi

Fast timing tests of strong gravity [.pdf] P. Uttley
Using polarimetry to test strong gravity and extreme physics [.pdf] G. Matt
Magnetars as extremely magnetized objects [.pdf] G. Israel
IXO view of the flaring activity of Sgr A*  [.pdf] D. Porquet
Synergies between IXO and CTA [.pdf] H. Sol

End of afternoon session


Day 3: Chemical environment, Chair: Jacco Vink

Missing baryons and the WHIM [.pdf] T. Ohashi
Cosmic ray production in Supernovae and SNR [.pdf] A. Bamba
Heavy element production in Sne [.pdf] U. Hwang
Metal abundance evolution in distant galaxy clusters [.pdf] A. Baldi
Coffee break and poster viewing session

Day 3: IXO as an observatory, Chair: Joel Bregman

Galaxy evolution across the electromagnetic spectrum (synergies with SKA) [.pdf] S. Rawlings
Star formation vs Black Hole growth: Synergies with SPICA [.pdf] T. Nakagawa
IXO studies of stellar coronae and star formation [.pdf] B. Stelzer
IXO studies of the solar system [.pdf] G. Branduardi-Raymont

End of morning session

Coffee break and poster viewing session

Day 3: Way forward, Chair: Didier Barret

The Cosmic Vision Mission selection process F. Favata
Update on JAXA studies and way forward in Japan [.pdf] H. Kunieda
Way forward in NASA N. White
Way forward in ESA [.pdf] D. Lumb
Open discussions and concluding remarks [.pdf] K. Nandra

End of conference


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Poster contributions

Poster abstracts [.pdf]  
The High Time Resolution Spectrometer (HTRS) aboard the International X-ray Observatory [.pdf] D. Barret
Detecting Compton Thick AGN with IXO [.pdf] M. Brightman
The nature of Fe Ka line emission from Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center [.pdf] R. Capelli
Multi-wavelength observations revealing the most obscured sources of our Galaxy [.pdf] S. Chaty
Probing Accretion in White Dwarf Binaries with IXO [.pdf] D. de Martino
Polarization in lamp-post model of black-hole accretion discs [.pdf] M. Dovciak
The pair of clusters Abell 222 / Abell 223: an XMM-Newton and optical view [.pdf] F. Durret
Non-thermal component of galaxy clusters  [.pdf] C. Ferrari
Critical-Angle Transmission grating spectrometer for the IXO [.pdf] R. Heilmann
Stellar Flare Dynamics from High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy  [.pdf] D. Huenemoerder
Adapting an IXO Grating Spectrometer for Polarimetry [.pdf] H.L. Marshall
Concept for IXO operations by ESA [.pdf] M.G.F. Kirsch
High-resolution X-ray diagnostics of colliding wind interactions in massive binaries [.pdf] G. Rauw
Simulations of the performance of the WFI, the HTRS, and the XMS [.pdf] C. Schmid

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