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Papers Relevant to IXO Science

Here we list papers which discuss science where IXO will make a significant contribution. See also the IXO Science page.


March 2011

  • J. Merten, D. Coe, R. Dupke, R. Massey, A. Zitrin, E.S. Cypriano, N. Okabe, B. Frye, F. Braglia, Y. Jimenez-Teja, N. Benitez, T. Broadhurst, J. Rhodes, M. Meneghetti, L.A. Moustakas, L. Sodre Jr., J. Krick, J.N. Bregman, "Creation of cosmic structure in the complex galaxy cluster merger Abell 2744", (Submitted on 14 Mar 2011) –
  • Myriam Gitti, Paul E. J. Nulsen, Laurence P. David, Brian R. McNamara, Michael W. Wise, "A Chandra study of the large-scale shock and cool filaments in Hydra A: Evidence for substantial gas dredge-up by the central outburst", Submitted 28 February, 2011 –
  • R. Gilli, J. Su, C. Norman, C. Vignali, A. Comastri, P. Tozzi, P. Rosati, M. Stiavelli, W.N. Brandt, Y.Q. Xue, B. Luo, M. Castellano, A. Fontana, F. Fiore, V. Mainieri, A. Ptak, "A Compton-thick AGN at z~5 in the 4 Ms Chandra Deep Field South", 2011 –

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February 2011

  • Jean in´t Zand, "X-ray bursts and superbursts - recent developments" – arXiv:1102.3345v1

January 2011

  • Delphine Porquet, Jacques Dubau, Nicolas Grosso, "He-like ions as practical astrophysical plasma diagnostics: From stellar coronae to active galactic nuclei" – arXiv:1101.3184v1
  • Daniele Spiga, "Optics for X-ray telescopes: analytical treatment of the off-axis effective area of mirrors in optical modules" – arXiv:1101.0629v3

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November 2010

  • Daniel Dewey, "Kinematics of Supernova Remnants: Status of X-Ray Observations" – arXiv:1011.4292
  • Elisa Costantini (SRON), "The Ultraviolet-X-ray connection in AGN outflows" – arXiv:1011.2384
  • E. R. Parkin, J. M. Pittard, M. G. Hoare, N. J. Wright, J. J. Drake, "The interactions of winds from massive young stellar objects" – arXiv:1011.0465v1

October 2010

  • Daniel J. Patnaude, Patrick Slane, John C. Raymond, Donald C. Ellison, "The Role of Diffusive Shock Acceleration on Nonequilibrium Ionization in Supernova Remnant Shocks II: Emitted Spectra" – arXiv:1010.3208v1
  • M. Ruszkowski, D. Lee, M. Bruggen, I. Parrish, S. Peng Oh, "Cosmological MHD simulations of cluster formation with anisotropic thermal conduction" – arXiv:1010.2277v1
  • Tamara Bogdanovic, Tanja Bode, Roland Haas, Pablo Laguna, Deirdre Shoemaker, "Properties of Accretion Flows Around Coalescing Supermassive Black Hole" – arXiv:1010.2496v1
  • L. C. Gallo et al., "The quasar PG 0844+349 in an X-ray weak stat" – arXiv:1010.4453v1

September 2010

  • Jianfeng Wu, W. N. Brandt, M. L. Comins, Robert R. Gibson, Ohad Shemmer, Gordon P. Garmire, Donald P. Schneider, "The X-Ray Properties of the Optically Brightest Mini-BAL Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey" – arXiv:1009.3928v1
  • B. D. Lehmer, D. M. Alexander, F. E. Bauer, W. N. Brandt, A. D. Goulding, L. P. Jenkins, A. Ptak, T. P. Roberts, "A Chandra Perspective On Galaxy-Wide X-ray Binary Emission And Its Correlation With Star Formation Rate And Stellar Mass: New Results From Luminous Infrared Galaxies" – arXiv:1009.3943v1
  • L. C. Gallo, G. Miniutti, J. M. Miller, L. W. Brenneman, A. C. Fabian, M. Guainazzi, C. S. Reynolds, "Multi-epoch X-ray observations of the Seyfert 1.2 galaxy Mrk 79: bulk motion of the illuminating X-ray source" – arXiv:1009.2987v1
  • B. Czerny, P. Lachowicz, M. Dovciak, V. Karas, T. Pechacek, Tapas Kumar Das, "The model constraints from the observed trends for the quasi-periodic oscillation in RE J1034+396" – arXiv:1009.3126v1
  • Tapas Kumar Das, Bozena Czerny, "Modeling the time-resolved quasi-periodic oscillations in AGNs" – arXiv:1009.3615v1
  • J. Petri, "Constraining the mass and moment of inertia of neutron stars from quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binaries" – arXiv:1009.1012v1

August 2010

  • Paola Testa, "X-ray emission processes in stars" – arXiv:1008.4343v1
  • Tim Johannsen and Dimitrios Psaltis, "Testing the No-Hair Theorem with Observations of Black Holes in the Electromagnetic Spectrum" – arXiv:1008.3902v1
  • J.S. Sanders, A.C. Fabian, R.K. Smith, "Constraints on turbulent velocity broadening for a sample of clusters, groups and elliptical Galaxies using XMM-Newton" – arXiv:1008.3500v1

May 2010

  • D.R. Ballantyne, "The Integrated Relativistic Iron Line from Active Galactic Nuclei: Chasing the Spin Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes", arXiv:1005.0429, Date: Tues, 4 May 2010. Download PD.

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  • A.M.Bykov, Yu.A.Uvarov, J.B.G.M.Bloemen, J.W. den Herder, J.S.Kaastra, "A Model of Polarized X-ray Emission from Twinkling Synchrotron Supernova Shells", MNRAS (in press), 2009. Download PDF
  • J.S. Kaastra, A.M. Bykov, N. Werner, "Non-Maxwellian Electron Distributions in Clusters of Galaxies," Astronomy & Astrophysics, May 2009. View abstract
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