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At the LISA International Science Team (LIST) meeting of December 2005, in Pasadena, the Working Group on Data Analysis (LIST-WG1B) established a taskforce to organize several rounds of mock data challenges, with the dual purpose of fostering the development of LISA data analysis tools and capabilities, and of demonstrating the technical readiness already achieved by the gravitational-wave community in distilling a rich science payoff from the LISA data output. The LISA Mock Data Challenges were proposed and discussed at meetings organized by the US and European LISA Project that were attended by a broad cross section of the international gravitational-wave community. These challenges are meant to be blind tests, but not really a contest.

The Mock LISA Data Challenge (MLDC) Taskforce has been working since the beginning of this year to formulate challenge problems of maximum efficacy, to establish criteria for the evaluation of the analyses, to develop standard models of the LISA mission (orbit, noises) and of the LISA sources (waveforms, parameterization), to provide computing tools such as LISA response simulators, source waveform generators, and a Mock Data Challenge file format, and more generally to provide any technical support necessary to the challengers, including moderated discussion forums and a software repository. The activities of the MLDC Taskforce can be tracked on the WG1B website, where you will find the contact list, working materials, and teleconference minutes. The taskforce welcomes contributions and feedback from any interested parties. Questions and comments can be sent to the MLDC co-chairs, Michele Vallisneri and Alberto Vecchio.


The LIST working groups will be meeting immediately prior to the LISA Symposium ( on Saturday, June 17th in Greenbelt Maryland. The main topic for the WG1B meeting will be the materials produced by the MLDC taskforce. The goal of the meeting is to inform interested parties and to gather feedback. The recommendations of the MLDC taskforce will be presented for adoption at the executive session on the LIST on Sunday, June 18th.


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