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Members of the research community are currently invited to participate in Round 1B of the MLDC beginning Aug 2007. Future rounds will be released roughly annually, beginning with Round 3 in Jan 2008. Information on the planned content of this and future challenges, see the latest version of the challenge definition plan.

The challenges consist of simulated LISA data streams for several specific data analysis problems. The challenge files, LISA data simulators, and source model data utilize an XML-based file format Helpful resources are available to challenge participants including codes for providing the simulated LISA data streams and the source waveform models used in the challenges, as well as working with the XML file format. There is also documentation on conventions for LISA data analysis. For Round 2 we are also making available the full pipeline for generating data sets conforming to Round 2 specifications.

Participants are asked to register by joining the challenge mailing list.


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