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This website is kept for archival purposes only and is no longer updated.

Welcome to the new Multiwavelength Milky Way web pages!

These pages bring together several data sets to visualize images of our Milky Way galaxy in various wavelength regions.

The site's intent is to present and explain how data across the electromagnetic spectrum are used by astronomers to learn about the Milky Way's shape, size, and composition.

Your web site has gained a 2 star rating listed in the Schoolzone web guide - with over 25,000 readers per day, the UK's largest, independent education web site.

Griffith Observatory Award recipient The Griffith Observatory Star Awards were established to recognize excellence in web sites that promote public awareness of astronomy. These are the best astronomy sites on the World Wide Web, and they present useful, thorough, and accurate information in a well-organized and attractive way, making the sky more accessible. The exclusive Star Award is presented once each week to a deserving site. For the week of September 26, 2004, this award of excellence goes to The Multiwavelength Milky Way site.