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UNIX Resources (emphasis on items used in ASD)

Perl Items

Python items

  • Pypi, Python Package Index (for finding 3rd party
  • Python (Canonical site)
  • Matplotlib, python's plotting library
  • Anaconda the premier scientific python distribution
  • Astroconda, Space Telescope Science Institute package, with special emphasis on Hubble tools and IRAF support (IRAF is python 2.x and 32-bit only)

Other Languages

E-Mail clients & software

In an era when one's choices seem to be between Outlook and Outlook, this section may seem quaint. (Being limited to Outlook is largely an issue of OATH2 authentication. Apple Mail as of macOS 10.14 supports OATH2, but NASA has disallowed its use.

Imaging & Mathematical Packages

Graphics Tools

  • Image Magick (command line set of invaluable utilities (e.g., convert, mogrify, identify, and more)
  • The Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
  • Exiftool Command line and perl tool for reading photo EXIF data.

Text Editors

Windowing Environment for Linux

Sysadmin Tools

Some other useful utilities

  • renameutils (useful tools like qmv for editing a set of filemnames to rename)
  • inetutils (There are times you need plaintext commands for testing: ftp, telnet, etc)
  • pstree (small utility to show entire parent and child processs)
  • htop (a much more powerful process viewer than top.)
  • Disk usage tools article (nice summary of tools to show you disk usage, rather like Grand Perspective and Daisy Disk on Macs.)

David Friedlander
29 March 2002, April 2020