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David in front of JWST

David Friedlander

Principal System Administrator

Astrophysics Science Division

NASA/GSFC Code 660.2

ADNET Systems, Inc.
phone: 301-286-1129
email david.p.friedlander (at)

David Friedlander
15 Dec 2005, 17 Apr 2020 (most recent revision)

Photo credits: All photos © by David Friedlander, except NASA/GSFC aerial B34 shot © 2011 by NASA photographer Bill Hrybyk. Photo of David in front of JWST mirror by Divya Pereira on David's camera. Other icon and image credits: Stack of document folders Designed by / Freepik; Terminal icon from; Tux the Penguin (Linux icon) courtesy of Larry Ewing and The GIMP; Round Windows 10 icon: PlusPNG transparent images; Canon EOS 70D DSLR photo from The Digital Picture review site; Violin photo by David.