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Tracing the Signatures of Life and the Ingredients of Habitable World

A sampling of science cases for Tracing the Signatures of Life and the Ingredients of Habitable Worlds

Direct Detection of Protoplanetary Disk Masses: Direct determination of protoplanetary disk gas masses using HD J = 1-0

Super-Earth Biosignatures and Climates: Search for biosignatures and measure climates in nearby terrestrial super-Earth exoplanets through transit emission spectroscopy.

Water Content of Planet-Forming Disks: Create a comprehensive Galactic census of the water content in >1000 planet-forming disks around young stars of all masses at disk radii of 1-100 AU. This goal will definitively answer the question of whether water is universally abundant and available as an ingredient for habitable planets.

Water Transport to Terrestrial Planet Zone: Observe gas-phase water in interstellar clouds and dense star-forming cores to probe critical processes related to formation and transport of water to the terrestrial planet zone, as a key input to habitability.

Ice/Rock Ratio in Protoplanetary Disks: Determine the range and typical value of the ice/rock ratio in protoplanetary and debris disks across the stellar mass range and at all evolutionary stages.